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  1. I would not be that sure. As it sounds in a well known news-website's interview with LM, features like that can be used, but V4 addons still work. So an airport from V4 will work, but won't have sloped runways until it's updated. But I'm sure aerosoft had the beta already and has all addons ready for V5 when V5 will be released....
  2. I'd like to add a question about this. Do I understand right, that there will be no bugfixing anymore for the P3D version, with the new sim not even released? Does that solve the problem for the user who bought the product already? I really like the look of aerosofts aircraft and own a lot of great AS products, but I'd wish you were putting more effort into systems needed for daily operation instead of simulation coffea cups....
  3. I understand that, but as all these shader mods share the same problem - too dark VC with the AS A330 - I'd assume that I'd could be fixed the same way for alle those shader mods. If you'd deliver one set of brighter Textures, it most probably would make the VC brighter with every shader mod. Another option would be to publish an "aerosoft-shade" which you could control and make your products compatible with. Nearly everything looks better than default P3D shaders, because those are missing a lot of scattering effects etc.
  4. IMHO Aerosoft should really offer an option for the VC with the shadermods nearly everyone is using? I really don't know anyone who is using P3D without Tomato or Envshade or PTA these days - I mean not using them decreases the graphics quality so much that it's not an option anymore. EVERY other plane on the market works fine with those addons which are really standard today.
  5. I did observe that issue, too. When a pax number higher than 255 is set in the MCDU and the pax are boarded via GSX, only a small amount of pax will actually go onboard, and only one ULD per Cargohold will be loaded. In my case, I set 273 pax in the MCDU, but only 17 pax have been boarded by GSX.
  6. Das gleiche Verhalten habe ich ebenfalls beobachtet. Dazu kommt, dass GSX dann auch immer nur einen ULD je Hold lädt.
  7. I'd like to say thank you again for making the decision to bring animated Jetways in the recent Update for Frankfurt. This little update is definitely one of the most awaited things in flight simulator for me this year. (Others are your amazing A330 and PMDG's 748)
  8. ICAO: GCRR NAME: Lanzarote Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Eiresim Scenery Design http://www.eiresim.com LINK: http://www.eiresim.com/gcrr.html (Released just a few minutes ago!)
  9. Yes, I read that, but i thought maybe someone could do a new BA Template. I know that you of course can't share the one of BAV.
  10. Hello, it would be really really great if someone could do a BA template
  11. Airbus X Extended is just great - THANK YOU!!!

  12. Wenn du einmal in den eigentlich für die Repaints bestimmten (deutschen) Thread schaust, siehst du, dass Hamburg bereits in Arbeit ist
  13. Ich meine natürlich, welche User Wünsche er umsetzen möchte
  14. Oliver auch wenn ich damit einen unerwünschten Doppelpost erzeuge, könntest du vielleicht (ohne Datum) einen kleinen Ausblick geben, welche Wünsche du in näherer Zukunft in deiner Planung hast, oder welchen du zumindest positiv gegenüberstehst? -Tankwagen? -Cobus? -GPU? -Umschleppen? -Gepäck/Container?
  15. Sehe ich auch so - es wäre wirklich am besten, wenn es so kommt, wie Oliver schonmal erwähnt hatte, dass man für jede Airline und Airport ein Profil auswählen kann. Die Frage ist nur, woher AES dann weiß, welche Airline man gerade fliegt. Das anhand der Gate Zuweisungen im AFCAD zu machen funktioniert bei einem gewissen Konkurrenten nämlich nur sehr sehr ungenau - bis schlecht. Einfach wäre es, wenn man einfach über AES Help eine bestimmte Textur pro Airport auswählen könnte. Dann könnte man einfach vor jedem Flug die für seinen Flug und seine Airline zutreffenden Texturen auswählen...
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