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  1. That's not Benchijigua Express there at it's quay at Los Christianos Besides that I don't like the always hazy look of XP, these ground textures look really stunning, and I also encountered the random placed hotels in Playa de las Americas and that fact that it's always the same building in the MK version. I'd also appreciate the rendition of some of the hotels in the areas you see from the approach in the simwings version. Of course simwings will be better than MK, I would've never thought something else.
  2. No, I don't expect apologies. Noone has done anything he or she has to apologise for. I expect people at aerosoft listening to critics and showing that they matter to them in any kind. That's exactly the point. They announced it "years ago" and then did really slow up to no progress on the canaries. So no wonder why some other develops start looking at the canaries. No they didn't call the canaries their own, but they said something like the other developers are to blame for this, because they announced something some 5 years ago.. The harm is that we have to wait even longer before we get a complete rendition of the canaries. And the harm is the fewer sales for a great company like simwings whose products I like very much and always buy, as I said before.
  3. What happens here is wasting of resources - instead of dividing the canary islands to the different developers, one gets done four times. I'm happy about getting it, but in my personal opinion SimWings, and I like them a lot, have in this particular situation no right to call the canary islands their own. Such a right to do an airport you have done some time ago doesn't exist at all - it could exist moraly when a developer cares much about an aiport and frequently releases updates for it every two years, but definitely not when a developer abandons an airport for a lot of years, leaving the community with no alternative besides begging other developers to produce it (And that actually happend with the canaries). The frequency of updates of the simwings airports is simply too low, maybe there are too much airports in the portfolio of simwings, to make it possible to care for them all. I'm really happy about what simwings does for the community, the products are always great, and I think TFS will sell well despite the fact that it comes late, because of the good name of simwings. I also will most probably replace the TFS released a few days ago with the simwings version when it comes out. But for the community this developing one airport three times means an even longer wait for the others. What about ACE? Yes I'm sure someone will do it, but when? These holiday destinations are very important for many customers, because people like to simulate flights they've been on. And what about LPA? Yes, simwings are two persons, but if the development of an aiport not available at the moment is so slow, why not combining your workforce and bringing it out faster? SimWings could be the first one to release LPA and earn a lot of sales with it. Another thing I'd like to talk about is the handling of critics in this forum. Of course Aerosoft own this forum and therefor can determine how they handle what, but again and again in topics like these, one gets the opinion that noone really cares about the critics stated here. Of course there've been rude posts, and thats not ok, but also on the posts with not-rude-language there are no comments which make the reader thing that the criticism "reaches" someones ear. Nothing like "yes thats a point, we should thing about the selection of products better in the future"....nothing like "yes, the development of the canarys was very slow, and it wasn't the best idea to abandon them for such a long time"... Just some thoughts... Finally I wish you all a merry christmas. I'm looking forward for the simwings scenery, it'll really be great, but I strongly recommend simwings to consider not doing new versions of airports already announced by a few other developers in the future, or already done by others. (e.g. MAD, CDG,....)
  4. Da man leider von Aerosoft / GA kennt, dass solche Updates eben nicht in vertretbarer Zeit kommen, (Für die Umbauten in DUS (Stichwort A380-Gate) gibt es bis heute kein Update, für FRA hat es Ewigkeiten gedauert bis A-Plus mal verfügbar war), ist den meisten sowas wohl zu unsicher. Warum nicht jetzt den aktuellen Stand bauen, und dann nochmal updaten. Warum nicht weniger Airports machen, davon aber häufiger aktuelle Versionen? Worum es hier aber eigentlich geht ist eine Mentalitätsfrage: Generell sollte nicht so lange mit uraltem Material gearbeitet werden. Hier geht es einfach um die Grundeinstellung für die Deutschen Flughäfen. Außer Frankfurt ist alles uralt und 1000mal wieder aufgewärmt anstatt mit aktuellen Mitteln neu gebaut. Mit den entsprechenden grafischen Einbußen. (unscharfe Texturen, kein durchsichtiges Glas etc.) Und die Ausrede OOM ist ja jetzt für P3D V4 auch nicht mehr relevant. Leute, die sich in der Branche nicht so gut auskennen, gehen davon aus, dass eine Neuerscheinung - und so wird das Produkt beworben - den aktuellen Stand widerspiegelt, und auch grafisch auf einem aktuellen Niveau ist, und nicht meilenweit zurück.
  5. Kann den beiden letzten Postern leider nur zustimmen. Die Qualität der Texturen ist wie zu FS9-Zeiten, aber gut, das würde ich bei einem Update noch akzeptieren. Was aber überhaupt gar nicht geht ist, dass Umbauten am Gebäude, die seit bereits mehreren Monaten in Betrieb sind nicht eingepflegt wurden. Hier stand offenbar das schnelle Geld mit altem Material im Vordergrund. Oliver Pabst, danke, dass du wenigstens ehrlich zugibts, dass der Platz nicht auf dem aktuellen Stand ist.
  6. Hallo, auf mehreren Internetplattformen kann man aktuell Kommentare lesen, die aussagen, dass die gerade veröffentlichte Hamburg-Professional Version nicht den aktuellen Ausbaustand des Flughafens widerspiegelt. So seien unter anderem die im letzten Jahr durchgeführten Umbauten am Terminal und die damit zusammenhängenden Vorfeldmarkierungen für die Abfertigung von LCCs, Walkboarding etc. nicht umgesetzt. Ist es möglich, dass jemand vom Team eine eindeutige Aussage trifft, ob dies tatsächlich der Fall ist? (Und auf der Produktseite entsprechend deutlich darauf hinweist?) Dankeschön.
  7. Hello, as the last annual poll about the simulation platform usage was about one year ago, I'd like to ask whether there will be a new annual poll the next days. I'd really be interested in knowing what has changed.
  8. I'd like to say thank you again for making the decision to bring animated Jetways in the recent Update for Frankfurt. This little update is definitely one of the most awaited things in flight simulator for me this year. (Others are your amazing A330 and PMDG's 748)
  9. I'd like to have the possibility do draw on the charts with a marker, e.g. to outline your taxi route. This feature works great in the LIDO iRouteManual iPad app. You may look at the free version of that app if you can't unterstand what I mean.
  10. ICAO: GCRR NAME: Lanzarote Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Eiresim Scenery Design http://www.eiresim.com LINK: http://www.eiresim.com/gcrr.html (Released just a few minutes ago!)
  11. Yes, I read that, but i thought maybe someone could do a new BA Template. I know that you of course can't share the one of BAV.
  12. Hello, it would be really really great if someone could do a BA template
  13. Airbus X Extended is just great - THANK YOU!!!

  14. Wenn du einmal in den eigentlich für die Repaints bestimmten (deutschen) Thread schaust, siehst du, dass Hamburg bereits in Arbeit ist
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