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    Gents let's close the FSX versus FS2004 topic here. No matter how you look at it, it's a loose-loose issue in a discussion like this. Emilios will do a great job on either simulator, but there is a solid chance the FSX version will look better because it has a lot more options and there is a solid chance it will run better on some systems and worse on others.Talk to MS about that, not to us.
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    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok not true love, but it is valentines day afterall I love Heraklion, personally flew in there around 15 times..... I will buy this 1000% Is it going to have AES?? Untill then
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    Here is my entry: Lufthansa A380 during a sightseeing flight over the suisse Alps.
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    Nie wieder ohne! Ich bin AES-süchtig. Kann man das als Krankheit anerkennen lassen?
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    Hallo miky4fingers, du musst dir ein standardflugzeug vom FS9 nehmen und dann die Parkbremse anziehen, Triebwerke aus und ins 2d Cockpit wechseln (wenn du willst vielleicht noch Batterie, Avionik etc. austellen). Wenn du das getan hast musst du diesen Zustand als Standardflug abspeichern (das kleine Feld unten). Dann hast du diesen Zustand immer beim Laden des Freifluges.
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    So basically the problem with FSX are the FPS. I admit, out of the box that's a problem for me too. But not after tweaking my fsx.cfg file. I get 25 to 30 fps with the PMDG 737NGX on Mega Airport Amsterdam, while before tweaking this was at most 10 fps. So yes, it's neccesary to tweak in order to use FSX but after that it's good. On FS2004, I used a whole bunch of add-ons and it still didn't look good enough for me. FSX looks better out of the box than FS2004 did with all the add-ons I used. And this can only improve.
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    OK guys I think it is time to call it The preview forum (my personal favourite) is here to give you the opportunity to have an extended 'peak' on what we are developing, and to give us the pleasure of hearing your thoughts about it. And above all it helps us make this project even better. I am very glad that this happened in development of Corfu X, and do hope that the same will happen with Heraklion X. Regarding FSX/FS9 I can only say that we are developing a scenery that will use all that FSX has to offer, and that's a lot. This is the top priority. But in this case we also aim for a version that will take advantage of everything that FS9 can do. There is no point arguing on what each can do, I am sure you all know by now All we can promise is that the scenery will give you the best out of each version. There are many things we can do in this topic to help make this project even better, but the FSX/FS9 discussion isn't one of them.
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    GSX. Es auf nahezu jedem Airport einsetzen zu können, ist der Knackpunkt für mich - und dass es für eine Unzahl von Flugzeugen zwischen GA und Jetliner funktioniert. Die Passagierbusse sind sogar den ungefähren Sitzzahlen angepasst. Weiters finde ich den Pushback wesentlich besser umgesetzt, und von einem Followme auf freie Parkpositionen gelotst zu werden ist auch erste Sahne. Noch eine Kleinigkeit: Das Bedienunsgfenster von GSX funktioniert, ohne dass man es mit der Maus erst aufziehen muss. Diese Kleinigkeiten sind es, die für mich entscheidend sind.
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    Nearly similar graphics? Clearly you've never seen FSX in action. The FSX graphics are way better than FS2004, that's a fact. I always thought that FS2004 was good enough for me.... until a year ago. Then I switched to FSX and I NEVER want to go back!
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    Air Holland, please stop the everlasting whine for FS9 version of FSX only products, keep your dignity! There are multiple reasons for FSX only and I very much encourage FSX only development (look at the NGX or FSDT LAX, Flightbeam KSFO, Orbx). And I therefore respect and encourage Aerosoft decision making when it comes to FSX only products. People who are always whining for FS9 products just bug me. FS9 is old, limited and not a viable platform anymore. Buy a good PC and stop flooding every topic with your pro-FS9 propaganda!
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    Here is my picture from a privat Plane around LGKR (corfu) By aerosoft and taken from a PA46T MALIBU JETPROP By Carenado Hope you like it :-)
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    Our Youtube Channel For all who didn't know it yet, we got a official Aerosoft Youtube Channel. We've got a few videos there and also start looking for your videos. So guys if you got some great videos, you think we could like on our Youtube Channel. Feel free to send me a mail with your video (Please don't put the video inside just a link to the video.) to fabian.boulegue@aerosoft.com or a PM here in Forum. We would love to see your videos featured on our Channel. Regards Fabian Boulegue Aerosoft
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    Nonsense.... There are lot of FS9 users out there. XP10 is the future, FSX is dying...basta !

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