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  1. As for electrical systems, there is always the possibility to lower the RAM Air turbine and thus generate some emergency power. That should allow you to operate the radios and other essential electrical systems. By the way, I remember years ago there was a TU-154 somewhere over Russia that had lost all electrical systems. This included the fuel pumps as well, meaning that within 10 minutes the engines would run dry and shut down. In other words, they had 10 minutes to land the aircraft whilst having a total instrument black-out. The fact that they lost the radio was the least of their problems as they also lost the altitude and speed indicators. All they could do was descend and hope for the best. Once on low altitude with ground visibility, the pilot spotted a runway from the corner of his eye and went for it. It was overgrown with bushes as the small airport, which was never designed to handle something as big as a TU-154, had closed down decades ago. They managed to land just in time and even though the aircraft was severely damaged everybody made it out alive.
  2. I've just read that Tailstrike Designs, the developer of Aerosoft Bergamo Professional, is now working on Bari. There is no preview thread on the Aerosoft forums yet, however I do assume Aerosoft will be the publisher. Any info on that?
  3. It is indeed the same scenery, Simware is fully owned by Aerosoft. The preview for the X-Plane version of this scenery is here: In the meanwhile, this is the P3D preview thread for Geneva.
  4. I do hope that static Wizzair plane can be disabled in the final scenery, I hate static aircraft. This would also mean you have to include two AFCAD files, one where the parking spot occupied by the Wizzair plane is disabled and the aircraft is in place and one where it is enabled and the static aircraft is not there.
  5. Looking good! If it's good enough to publish through Aerosoft (if that's your goal), I can't decide. Only Aerosoft can do that. However if you ask my opinion, I'd say it needs more work on the ground textures. For example if you look at the last screenshot it's just a grey area with a few objects on them, but no details. I got the impression that your ground textures are hand-drawn. Nothing wrong with that, but it'll never be as detailed as photoreal. Nevertheless, keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to this scenery when it'll be finished.
  6. I already knew. Downside is of course that even though the simulator is in your hotel room, you're not free to use it as you please. Only as a session with an instructor present, for which they charge even more than for the room itself. I got the feeling most of us would do just fine without the instructor, but that's not allowed. For me, it ain't worth it. There's nothing in that room that I can't do at home for free.
  7. Both are good, however entirely different. In real life too, they just can't be compared. What plane you like to fly is entirely your personal preference, are you more of a Boeing or an Airbus guy? If you can fly one, you know nothing about the other. There's a different logic behind them. What planes have you flown so far? What's your experience?
  8. The difference between VFR and IFR indeed. Just like you, before my real-life flying lesson I used to be too much focused on my instruments when flying VFR. During this lesson I learned to let that go, VFR is navigating by looking out the window. Sure you can fly IFR, even with a Cessna as long as the instruments are there. But it's not very common.
  9. I once had a flying lesson in a Cessna 172 for real. Of course I knew this plane through and through from the simulator, often flown it. However when I was there in real life with an instructor beside me, somehow I had forgotten it all. It made me realize that no matter what I had learned from the simulator, I knew nothing when it came to real life flying. The whole experience is just so different. I think that's the main difference. You might do the very same thing in the simulator and in real life, but it feels different.
  10. I agree it's a bad choice because it's not a gaming laptop. The first couple of minutes you will have good performance because then the system is still cold. However as it gets hot (systems always get hot during high performance such as gaming) it will slow down in order to prevent overheating. For example a 3 GHz CPU will suddenly limit itself to 1 GHz. If you're lucky your frames drop a whole lot, if you're unlucky your sim just crashes. If you must run your sim on a laptop, make sure it's a gaming laptop. For example the Lenovo L340. The specifications might be less than that DELL laptop, but that's a laptop that won't throttle down and will continue running at full speed while you're simming. However if it doesn't have to be a laptop, I'd go for a desktop if I were you. In general, desktops perform even better than gaming laptops. They cost less and you're more flexible on your choice of hardware. If you look at the specifications of that Lenovo L340 you'll see that it exceeds your maximum weight of 2 kg (it's 2,8 kg). This is for a good reason, that extra weight is cooling which is always the heaviest part of a laptop. That Dell laptop has sufficient cooling for office use where your CPU only performs at maximum speed for short times, with plenty of time in between where it can cool down. However for long-time maximum speed like gaming the cooling is insufficient. That Lenovo has a far bigger cooler so it can perform at maximum speed for a longer time.
  11. The only upgrade I would get is a bigger SSD so you can run both Windows and your sim from SSD. 128 GB is very tight and SSDs these days are rather cheap. With only 128 GB SSD space I guess you're only using that for Windows and you've got your sim installed on the HDD. That way your sim doesn't profit from the speed of the SSD. With a good number of add-ons installed you need a big SSD to run your sim. Personally I've got a Kingston KC1000 960 GB SSD just for Windows and my regular software. Then I've got a Samsung 840 EVO 750 GB for P3D v4 and all of it's add-ons and last but not least I have a 2 TB HDD for storage (installers, movies and other data I rarely use but still want to keep). That Kingston KC1000 is one of the fastest SSDs around and goes straight into a PCIe slot. The Samsung SSD and the HDD are connected the old-fashioned way through SATA. The rest of your hardware is all fine, nothing wrong with it. Doesn't need any update.
  12. Zürich v3 might be in development, but Zürich v2 is available and works in P3D v4. I guess he was referring to that. Some people don't care about the newest version as long as they got "something that works". From that point of view, Zürich V3 isn't really needed. V2 can do the job. Just like Munich which is covered by Taxi2Gate, several other German airports are already covered by other developers (non-Aerosoft). For example Bremen (FSDG), Dresden (JustSim), Düsseldorf (JustSim), Leipzig (Digital Design), Magdeburg (29Palms) and Nürnberg (29Palms). The quality varies a bit, but some of these are really good. Of course it leaves to be wished for, development takes time. Just look at the Canary Islands and how long it took SimWings to fulfill their promise to do a new version of all of them. How long ago did they make that promise? They're still not finished. And such a promise was never made for the German airports. Some of them are available and that's a good thing, but it's not something to count on. Just a bonus.
  13. Looks great! I do however hope that twin otter on the platform in the first picture can be removed. In the old version there was a static aircraft on the platform that couldn't be removed, I hated that. I've never been fond of static aircraft.
  14. Sorry to say, but the sim hardware I'm currently using (Saitek rudder and panels) I've bought at MediaMarkt. They were the cheapest. I could have spent a bit more money for service and buy it at AviationMegaStore for example, but I decided I don't really need that extra service and I'd rather keep the money in my pocket. And I never regretted my decision, it was easy to set up and I've been using it for a number of years. Still works. However speaking of AviationMegaStore, that's probably the closest you can get to Simware when it comes to flight sim hardware. It's located in Aalsmeerderbrug, very near Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands. I've been there a couple of times, it's a great store. I assume you're familiar with them. They're not the cheapest, but they offer great service.
  15. As far as I know, is not being read out. It's only used for sending newsletters, but any responses and therefor also anything you send to it automatically ends up in the trash. Try sending your mail to instead.
  16. According to I've got 5 ms ping, 94.48 Mbps download speed and 88.06 Mbps upload speed. Pretty reasonable I would think.
  17. This has been asked several times before. The last time it was asked, it was said that nothing was planned. Of course you could use JustSim Düsseldorf. It's not Aerosoft quality, but it's better than nothing. No doubt if there ever will be an Aerosoft Mega Airport Dusseldorf for P3D v4 it'll look a whole lot better than JustSim.
  18. Does Apple even use DirectX? I don't know, it's a long time ago since I've last used an Apple product and I can honestly say I'm not familiar with it at all. Anyway, this article is about the Windows version of DirectX. This makes sense because FSX / P3D is written for Windows. It might or might not work on MacOS, I don't know about that, but it's not native to that platform.
  19. As has been said before, development will continue after Lukla has been finished. Two months ago it was close to beta, meaning there was still some work to be done before it entered beta. And even then it's not finished, after all during beta testing issues are being found which need to be fixed. That also takes time. You can only be certain the development of Lukla is finished when it's released. Until then, development of Rotterdam is on hold. It's still the same as it was two months ago, only difference is that Lukla has come closer to release so it's shorter before development on Rotterdam can continue. But even then, a lot of work still has to be done. At least, that's the way I understand it.
  20. No, but there is nothing to report. All we know is that Jo Erlend would start developing Brussels after he finished Cologne-Bonn. The release of Cologne-Bonn was a few months ago, so if it all goes according to plan this means Brussels is only in development for a couple of months. While those first few months are important to lay a solid base, there's not really anything to show yet. It's no exception for a scenery to take up to two years development time, so have some patience. Edit by mod: Last line removed. Patrick, we told you a couple of times already we do not accept recommending customers to buy the competition. You write highly recognized and apprechiated posts, but you need to accept that this forum is part of our marketing.
  21. Is it just me or is the link dead? I'm being redirected to the main Aerosoft site when I click it.
  22. I agree a Dublin scenery for P3D v4 is long overdue, specially when you consider that in the meanwhile the developer did make it compatible with X-Plane and is now developing Geneva for P3D v4 and X-Plane. But so far he refused to update Dublin to P3D v4. Since P3D v4 came out so much time has passed that there could have been a dozen Dublin sceneries, but everyone is waiting for the one developer that doesn't do it. For me Dublin is very high on the list of missing but wanted airports for P3D v4.
  23. I feel like people should at least provide their first name and the first letter of their last name, like I do. If for privacy reasons they don't want to give their full last name that should be fine, but at least you know what to call them. PS my last name is not really a secret, it's just that I've shortened it. In case anyone would like to know, the Z in my name stands for Zonneveld.
  24. It looks like your wish has been granted as Captain7 and 29Palms (Known for Magdeburg and Nuremberg) are developing it.
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