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    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Pisa is already available for P3D v4 and Rotterdam is in development. Also some products are available by competitors, like Manchester by UK2000 and Stockholm Arlanda by ORBX. Sandefjord and Svalbard are not officially P3D v4 compatible, but are known to work. However I do support your other requests. Dublin, Helsinki and Keflavik are missing holes, those products just don't work in P3D v4. Needs to be said FSDG already said they'd develop Keflavik somewhere later this year, so that's one to look forward to.
  2. Both Heraklion and Thessaloniki are listed as P3D v4 compatible, however I can't seem to find the P3D v4 installers for them. I've got them both as boxed products, had them long before P3D v4 was released. Naturally the installers on the discs aren't P3D v4 compatible, but the support downloads don't offer much help either. For Heraklion there's an update to version 1.10 which lets you choose between FSX and P3D (v1). For Thessaloniki there's no support download at all and the installer that I got (version 1.00) offers FSX, P3D v1 and P3D v2 as options. No P3D v4. Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there an error in the list?
  3. PatrickZ

    Faroe Island for P3D?

    Indeed it's not the same, but the developer who developed the X-Plane scenery strictly and only develops for X-Plane. Not a single chance for a P3D version of it, he just doesn't do that. However I have the P3D v4 version by MK Studios and I have to say it does look good.
  4. PatrickZ

    Maastricht -Aachen V2 (with PBR)

    The airport has changed quite a bit since this scenery was released. This is what the terminal looks like today, quite different from what it looks like in the scenery. I hope it will be updated.
  5. PatrickZ

    Bergen X Shop Price

    Indeed it works now. Didn't work last night.
  6. PatrickZ

    Bergen X Shop Price

    Indeed there seems to be an error here, and it looks like it's not just Bergen that's affected. On all products that are advertised as discounted, the discount is not applied when adding them to the shopping cart. This is something that Aerosoft should fix internally, it's not something you can fix yourself. Since at this hour there's nobody at Aerosoft who can fix it, the best I can suggest is wait until tomorrow.
  7. PatrickZ

    Bergen & Stavanger, Jo Erlend :)

    I also recall someone saying (can't find it anymore) that he wouldn't do any Norwegian airports anymore, his working terrain has moved to elsewhere.
  8. I just read on FSElite that SimWings has announced Paris Charles de Gaulle as their next project for P3D v4. Since everything SimWings produces is being published through Aerosoft I assume this is no exception. Since it's not a secret anymore that this is upcoming, why not open a preview topic?
  9. If you're interested, I still got my old motherboard, CPU and memory laying around. It has served me well for years and it's more than capable of handling FSX. Should even be able to run P3D. For a fellow simmer you can have it for a very friendly price. Since you mentioned Pounds before I assume you're from the UK. I'm from the Netherlands myself, so shipment isn't extremely expensive. Of course you should still add the rest of the components yourself, maybe you can see if those from your old system still work. What I have for you is: ASUS P8H61 Pro, socket 1155 Intel® Core i7-2600, 3,4 GHz socket 1155 Default CPU cooler (came with the CPU) 8 GB DDR3 ram (Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 2x 4GB) If you want, you can have it for € 50 / £ 44.67 including shipment to the UK. I think that's a great deal. I still got the original motherboard manual and driver cd with it, those are of course included. This hardware did run FSX in the past, so you know it'll be good for it.
  10. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Every once in a while I update my wishlist. Here's the most current version, all for P3D v4. Canada CYEG Edmonton CYHM Hamilton CYXX Abbotsford Belgium EBOS Ostend Germany EDDG Munster-Osnabruck EDDR Saarbrucken EDDV Hannover EDFH Frankfurt-Hahn EDHL Lubeck EDJA Memmingen EDLP Paderborn-Lippstadt EDRZ Zweibrucken EDXW Sylt Finland EFHK Helsinki United Kingdom EGAE Derry Netherlands EHEH Eindhoven EHGG Groningen Ireland EICK Cork EIDW Dublin EIKN Knock EIKY Kerry EINN Shannon Lithuania EYVI Vilnius Tanzania HTZA Zanzibar United States of America KISP Long Island MacArthur KSWF Newburgh Stewart Spain LELC Murcia - San Javier LEMI Región de Murcia LERS Reus France LFBO Toulouse LFBZ Biarritz LFLS Grenoble LFOB Beauvais Greece LGKF Kefalonia LGKO Kos LGSK Skiathos LGSR Santorini LGZA Zakynthos Italy LIBD Bari LIBR Brindisi LIEA Alghero LIEO Olbia Czech Republic LKTB Brno Portugal LPFR Faro Slovakia LZIB Bratislava United States Virgin Islands TISX St. Croix India VOGO Goa VOPB Port Blair Thailand VTBD Bangkok Don Mueang VTSM Samui VTSP Phuket Malaysia WMKL Langkawi WMKP Penang
  11. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    True, but unfortunately not P3D v4 compatible. P3D v2 and v3 only.
  12. The i7 will be more than sufficient for P3D v4. Unlike FSX and older P3D versions P3D v4 doesn't lean on the CPU that much, a good graphics card is far more important. Therefor in my opinion upgrading to the i9 isn't worth it, it hardly makes any difference. Instead of a CPU upgrade, I would invest in a graphics card upgrade. The GTX980 is about the minimum you need for running P3D v4. However if you can lay your hands on a GTX1070 or GTX1080 that would make a good difference. The GTX2070 or GTX2080 are even better, but also more expensive.
  13. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    In the works by Simmershome, which will be freeware as with all of their products but payware quality. Of course I wouldn't turn down an Aerosoft version, but it has little priority to me.
  14. PatrickZ

    AEROSOFT ELLX - P3D update planned?

    JustSim. Weird that you get the old version, best advice I can give you is to contact Simmarket. They're responsible for giving you the latest version.
  15. PatrickZ

    AEROSOFT ELLX - P3D update planned?

    Version 1.00 is not the newest version of this scenery, I have version 1.3 which does offer P3D v4 in the installer as an option. Just login to your account on the site where you bought it and download the latest version.
  16. It doesn't work in P3D v4, it's too old for that. It was an FS2004 product to begin with. It worked in FSX, but wasn't FSX native and therefor never offered the quality and features a native FSX product was able to offer. Given that P3D versions 1 to 3 aren't that different from FSX they got it to work in those as well, but P3D v4 is something else. The difference between 32-bit sims like FSX and old P3D versions and 64-bit P3D v4 is big already, the difference between FS2004 and P3D v4 is just too big to overcome. Several FS2004 (and possibly FS2002 working in FS2004 and FSX) techniques the Wilco 737 made use of are no longer supported in P3D v4, they're too outdated. For this reason you'll never see a P3D v4 version of this product. It would mean all FS2004 code not supported anymore would need to be rewritten. Then the rest of the code would need to be rewritten as well to match the parts of the code that have changed. And for what? To get a very outdated product to work? It's just not worth it.
  17. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    FSDG has already scheduled this, although it might take some time as they got other projects to do first. On their forums they're saying late 2019 as an estimation. Chances are that it'll just be Keflavik and not the rest of Iceland.
  18. PatrickZ

    Price of Begamo Upgrade

    Indeed there is a big difference between the mentioned sceneries like Gibraltar and the Balearics and this Bergamo scenery. Gibraltar and the Balearics are basically the same sceneries in FSX and P3D v4, just with a few updates to make use of the P3D v4 functions. The New Bergamo scenery on the other hand has nothing to do with the old Bergamo scenery, it's a completely new development. It may be the same airport, but it's not the same scenery. The fact that Aerosoft is still willing to offer a discount is already a great gesture. The philosophy of Aerosoft has always been that you don't pay twice for the same files. In the case of Gibraltar and the Balearics this is true, you only pay a small fee for the addition of the sceneries to make use of the P3D v4 functionality. That means a few added and adapted files, for which you pay. Everything that didn't change, you don't pay for either. At Bergamo, they could rightfully charge you the full price since no files are shared between the old and the new scenery. Everything, every single file, is new. Still they are willing to give a discount. They didn't have to do this, so be grateful for it.
  19. PatrickZ

    Mega Airport Helsinki P3D v4 updates?

    Also keep in mind that Aerosoft Helsinki was developed by an external developer (A-Flight). It was not a development from Aerosoft itself, Aerosoft is only the publisher in this case. I don't know if A-Flight is still around, good chance they aren't. In that case they can't update the existing scenery either. Of course this means nothing for new developments, which would start from scratch. They can be done by any developer who wants to do so, however a development from scratch takes a lot of time.
  20. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Here you are: Released today.
  21. I think you mean the PMDG 777 as Aerosoft doesn't have a 777 of it's own but does resell for PMDG. However PMDG does run it's own support forum. Better ask your question there.
  22. 8 GB RAM memory? That's definitely not a good idea. It might work, but for good performance you need at least 16 GB RAM or even better 32 GB. Otherwise this could really become a bottleneck.
  23. I always got a bad feeling when it comes to ready-made PCs, usually they're not that good. Occasionally there's a good one, but mostly there's always something about them that's not completely as you desire. The best PCs are custom-made. They're tailored to your wishes, exactly as you want them to be. And it doesn't have to be more expensive than a ready-made PC, in fact it's mostly cheaper. The better computer shops can have a PC custom built for you. If they can't, don't buy there! It tells something about the level of service in the shop. Alternatively, you can buy a pile of parts and build it yourself. It's not extremely difficult. I can tell you a story from a guy who also bought a ready-made PC a few years ago. Everything worked great until he decided he needed a better video card. He took the old video card out and put the new one in, and the computer didn't boot. What turned out to be the problem? The producer of the PC had calculated that with it's original hardware the PC would never consume more than 200 watt, so they put a 200 watt PSU in it. However the new video card required a bit more, so he also had to replace the PSU in order to get the new video card to work.
  24. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Aerosoft has already stated multiple times that they won't make an A380, the chances of this happening are absolutely zero.
  25. PatrickZ

    Bojote's Tweaking and Tuning tool

    Weeks? I believe it's about 2 or 3 years ago they went down. It just doesn't exist anymore. Furthermore I agree with Mopperle, you don't need it. Except for the highmemfix the default configuration is mostly the best you can have. On top of that, we're seeing a shift from FSX to P3D. Should any fixes ever have been needed for FSX, P3D certainly doesn't need them. Therefor for P3D this tool would have been useless anyway. At the moment P3D v4 is by far the most used platform, FSX is on it's way out.