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  1. Very true. Another thing to keep in mind is that most people who are still using FSX have been doing so for a long time. They already used FSX when it was still a new and popular platform, and that's when all the add-ons for FSX were released. That's also when they bought those add-ons. And now that FSX is old and outdated, they don't buy add-ons for FSX anymore for the simple reason that they already got every FSX add-on they're interested in. They already bought these add-ons years ago and they're still using them. Therefor it doesn't matter what you do with the price, people ain't going to buy what they already own.
  2. That used to be true for FS2004 and FSX as they could only use one core and ignore the rest, but with modern sims like P3D that's not the case anymore. They can spread their work over multiple cores, so the more cores you got the more powerful your CPU. Basically you can see it as a crew of men doing a load of work, for example let's say they're moving boxes. You got the choice, 4 men each moving 20 boxes a minute or 8 men each moving 16 boxes a minute. The result is that with the 4 men crew a total of 80 boxes a minute are being moved, while with the 8 men crew 128 boxes a minute are being moved. So even while the 8 men crew work slower, the fact that there's more of them still makes the entire crew faster.
  3. Since you mentioned a budget of £650, I guess you're based in the UK. Unfortunately I couldn't find prices for the UK, but I could find prices for the Netherlands. They're in Euros instead of Pounds, but I guess it doesn't make much difference. How does this sound? AMD Ryzen 7 3700X socket AM4 processor € 299,00 ASUS PRIME A320M-K, socket AM4 motherboard € 47,90 Gainward GeForce GTX 1660 Pegasus graphics card € 202,90 G.Skill 16GB DDR-4 3200 kit memory € 56,90 Patriot P210, 512 GB SSD € 53,90 Windows 10 Professional OEM € 11,95 Total € 672,55 At the current exchange rate that would be £ 607,65, making it suit within your budget with a little surplus. That's for prices that might be different in the UK than they are in the Netherlands, although I don't expect them to be much different. Also there might be space for a little extra, such as 32 GB RAM (recommended) or a bigger SSD (512 GB might be a bit small). But those are decisions to be made once you know the prices in the UK.
  4. Usually I'm one of the guys giving advice here, but this time I'm looking for some input to come to a good decision. My current video card is getting a bit outdated. It's a GeForce GTX 960 with 2 GB GDDR5 memory (ASUS GTX 960 Mini OC). Not much special these days. One disadvantage is that it only has one DVI output, so technically only one monitor can be connected to it. However I have three monitors and use a Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition to connect them all to my system. And while it's all still functional, I'm thinking about updating. A better videocard on which all three monitors can be directly connected, abolishing the need for the TripleHead2Go. This is mainly due to the drivers and software for the TripleHead2Go getting outdated (they're not updated anymore) and slowing down the system. The video card I got my eyes on is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Mini OTX OC 6G. It comes with three DisplayPort connectors, so all three monitors can be directly connected (although I will need adapter plugs since the monitors can only be connected through DVI, they don't have a DisplayPort connection). For details, this is the card I'm eyeing. But before I make my purchase, I'd like to hear what others think. By the way, the rest of my system looks as follows: Motherboard: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 CPU: Intel Core i7-7800X Memory: 32 GB DDR4-2132 / PC4-17000 (2x 16 GB) Drives: 1x Kingston SKC1000960G NVMe 960 GB (for Windows and other applications), 1x Samsung SSD 840 EVO 750 GB (for P3D v4) and 1x Toshiba DT01ACA300 3 TB 7200 RPM HDD (for storage) Optical drive: Plextor BD-R PX-B950SA Any thoughts?
  5. Agreed. Certainly when a sim is "just out", there aren't a lot of add-ons for it yet. For P3D on the other hand, there are a whole lot more add-ons. And since it's the add-ons that make the sim, P3D will remain the preferred platform for the foreseeable future. Maybe in a few years, when the number of add-ons for MSFS has grown, I'll give it a try. Or maybe not, that remains to be seen. After all it's not that much of an improvement over P3D, if Lockheed Martin releases a few updates for v5 they bring their product up to the same level as MSFS. So what's the gain?
  6. This one has just been announced. So far it's just MK Studios, no mentioning of Aerosoft as a publisher so far.
  7. With the current software I agree with you, you won't see the difference. However the same thing was said a few years ago about the difference between 16 and 32 GB. Back then 32 GB was overkill, you wouldn't see the difference. Nowadays 16 GB is still sufficient, but it's not overkill anymore. The difference is noticeable. And that'll be the case here as well. Right now 64 GB is overkill, in a few years it won't be anymore.
  8. These two are no longer part of the Aerosoft portfolio. The developer of those sceneries switched from FSDG to FlyTampa and took the rights to the sceneries with him. They are now under the FlyTampa brand. On the FlyTampa forums the developer has already said that in time these sceneries will be updated to P3D v5.
  9. Indeed it would. Only question that would arise is if X should tell the user name of the person who liked or thanked, or should it just say "somebody", leaving it anonymous. Actually, I don't really care. It's up to Aerosoft to decide.
  10. I agree with this. In fact it can be taken one step further by creating different categories. Right now we got one "previews" category where the previews for all sims are. But most of us only fly one sim, the other ones are considered irrelevant. Looking at myself, I only fly P3D v4. All previews for X-Plane products are irrelevant to me, but they are in the forums that I read. It would go too far to say that it bothers me, I just skip them and when I've read all preview treats for P3D v4 products I hit the "mark all read" button. But it can be done better by having a separate preview forum for P3D products and one for X-Plane products, and maybe one for other products that can't be placed under either sim.
  11. A minor thing, but still worth mentioning I think. When looking at notifications, I often get "Somebody reacted to a post in a topic {topic name here}". In fact they didn't actually react, they just liked or thanked. So I think that text should change. As I said, it's a minor thing. I can live with it. But if you're fixing things anyway, might as well look at this.
  12. It is still listed on Simmarket, but not for sale at the moment. This could have something to do with the developer of this scenery joining FlyTampa. It was originally developed by FSDG and sold by Aerosoft, but when the developer left FSDG and joined FlyTampa he took the rights to the scenery with him. Thing is, FlyTampa only offers this scenery for X-Plane. For the FSX/P3D version of it they're pointing to Aerosoft. But Aerosoft no longer sells it... I'm sure in time FlyTampa will publish this scenery for FSX/P3D as well, but I'm afraid at the moment you're out of luck. Turn to FlyTampa for support, they own this scenery now.
  13. So in other words, maybe there will be an update, maybe there won't. Nobody knows. Of course you could try installing the P3D v4 scenery in P3D v5 to see if it works. This is not officially supported, but it does work on some sceneries. But it's all at your own risk, don't blame Aerosoft if it doesn't work. As a last resort, Inibuilds has created a number of compatibility patches to make P3D v4 sceneries work in P3D v5. Note that in that case Aerosoft cannot provide support for this scenery (they couldn't anyway since it's not officially P3D v5 compatible) and Inibuilds only gives support on the patch. Not on the rest of the scenery.
  14. No, I don't uncheck the add-ons I'm not using. I have everything enabled all the time. That's one of the benefits of using modern sims, everything that isn't near you isn't loaded. Therefor it makes no difference if it's enabled or not, why put effort in it? That traffic add-on might eat into your fps quite a bit, try disabling AI traffic and see what frames you get then. About RAM, don't just automatically assume your current RAM will work on your next system. It might not! It's always recommended that when you replace the motherboard, you replace the RAM as well. If your current RAM is too slow for your next CPU, it might drag the whole system down. That is, if it fits at all...
  15. That sounds like a very reasonable setup, however I'm missing one thing: RAM. Not quite unimportant. The motherboard you chose supports up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM, however you won't need that much. Still, in order to match the rest of your system I would go for at least 32 GB of RAM. 16 GB would be too little, it would drag the rest of the system down. The CPU you picked has a DDR4-3200 memory specification, so that RAM speed would be the best. About the SSD, this motherboard supports two M.2 SSD's, which are faster than old-fashioned SATA SSD's. I would definitely recommend that. How big they are is up to you to decide, but don't pick too small SSD's. You don't want to be short of disk space on either drive.
  16. I recommend to install it on an additional drive, however before all make sure the drive which the sim is installed on is an SSD. In the rare case you got a computer with one SSD and one HDD, it would even be better to install Windows on the HDD so you got the SSD available for your sim. Of course it's best if they're both SSDs, but if that's impossible this is the next best choice.
  17. I agree on that, the lack of an A330-200 is the reason I haven't bought the A330 so far. To me the A330-200 is just as much A330 as the 300, they both need to be included in the package to call it a complete package. I'm not buying a package that isn't complete.
  18. I agree with Dave here and would buy something else. That PC might be sufficient for what you got in mind, but it's not future-proof. At some point in the future you will want to switch to a newer sim, FSX is already on it's last legs. Soon it won't be supported anymore. When buying a new computer you shouldn't only look at what you need it for now, you should look at what you will need it for in the future. Otherwise you got a problem when the time comes to switch to a newer sim, you'd have to buy a new computer all over again in a few years. That would be a waste of the one you're buying now. Instead it's better to spend a little more money so you won't have to buy a new computer when the time comes to upgrade. Looking at the specifications you picked I see a number of potential problems. First of all the SSD, which is too small. If I were you I'd pick two larger SSD's, one for Windows and the rest of your programs and one for your sim. And that SSD for your sim should better be big, looking at my own system I already got nearly 500 GB in use for P3D alone (that includes FS Global Ultimate NG). And there are still some things left to be installed. Luckily I got 750 GB available, so I won't be short for a while. And that's not counting my SSD with Windows on it. Also you didn't mention anything about RAM. While FSX is limited at 8 GB due to it being 32-bits, this doesn't apply to the newer 64-bits sims such as P3D v4/v5 and X-Plane. For those sims, 16 GB is just about sufficient at the moment however to be future-proof I would recommend 32 GB. The CPU and GPU you picked would be classified as mediocre. Sufficient at the moment, but not future-proof. Invest a little bit more and your computer will last so much longer, it's just the difference between being able to run add-ons that will come out in the future and not being able to run them. Last but not least, I would definitely recommend you to leave FSX behind and upgrade to a newer sim. All of the add-ons you mentioned are available for P3D v4. From my personal experience I can say P3D v4 runs faster and more smooth than FSX. A few years ago I made that upgrade myself and I never felt sorry about it. Nowadays FSX is nothing but a memory, I wouldn't want to switch back. The fact that P3D is 64-bits makes a world of difference, the rather frequent OOMs in FSX because I was pushing the limits haven't ever occurred in P3D, and I'm pushing that harder than I was pushing FSX.
  19. Is it not shown with the download link under instant downloads? That's where all my serial numbers are for products purchased through Aerosoft.
  20. The issues with the trust levers in the old Airbus Extended sound familiar, I remember I had them too. You could only throttle up, but never down. That's the reason I never paid much attention to it and basically never learned to fly it. Recently I've bought the update to the Airbus Pro and the trust levers work as they should, that issue has been fixed. So now I can finally learn to fly those birds.
  21. I suspect it could be a software thing. Antivirus maybe? Some antivirus packages are quite heavy on the system, restricting resources to other applications such as flight sim. Other than that I agree with the posts above that the CPU and GPU are quite outdated, but that should not be the major problem. P3D doesn't lean on the CPU as much as FSX did, in fact it hardly makes any difference. Although not the best CPU, it should be sufficient. It can't be the GPU either, I got one less than you (GTX 960) with the same amount of memory and I get higher frames than you. It could be that 16 GB RAM isn't enough, or that you have slower RAM installed than your motherboard can cope with. I got 32 GB RAM myself, that could be the reason for my higher frame rate. Last but not least, how is the cooling in your system? Do you have a sufficient cooler for your CPU and GPU? Don't they get too hot? Might there be dust clogging up inside your system? Or even worse, nicotine (often a problem if you smoke near the computer). Laptops are known to throttle down if they get too hot, causing all kinds of problems. But if the cooling is insufficient it could happen with desktops as well.
  22. Congratulations Emi A very worthy and highly respected person here on the forums. We might not always agree, but that doesn't mean I don't see the value of your posts. Not only are there a lot of them, each and every one of them makes these forums better than they already were. Keep going! Regarding that becoming a pilot, I had my suspicions about that but I wasn't sure. I think it's great! The 737 is a fantastic aircraft, I love flying it in the sim. I suppose in real life it's even better.
  23. That wasn't the question Herman. The question was if it's still in development since it hasn't been released at all. Not for P3D v5 and not for P3D v4 either. Only for X-Plane, but when it was announced it was announced as a dual development for both platforms. Back then there was no P3D v5, nobody had ever heard of it. The question was about the P3D v4 development.
  24. There is already a dedicated topic for requests: Please post your requests there, in other places they will be ignored. This tread can be closed.
  25. First of all, this looks like a request to me and there is a dedicated place for requests: However to answer your question, FSDG has announced that they will develop the new Istanbul airport. Initially for P3D v4 but it's likely they'll release an X-Plane version later as well. They've done so with all of their sceneries, I don't see this being an exception. With Aerosoft being a publisher for FSDG it will be available through Aerosoft as well.
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