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  1. Looking great! The screenshots all say P3D v5.3, I assume it'll be P3D v4.5 compatible as well as that's the version I'm still using. Anyway, it's nice to see this airport come to life in the sim.
  2. I saw that Aerosoft Bratislava has been released, which is great. However before I buy it I got a question about it. On the product page it's listed under the P3D v4 category and below the product name it says P3D v4/v5, however looking at the picture it says "Add-on for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5". There's no mentioning of v4 in the picture. This image shows what I mean: I've put green squares around the areas which I mean. I guess it probably is compatible with P3D v4, but I wanted to make sure of that. Just because at one place it only says v5 and not v4.
  3. Agreed on FSX customers, but P3D customers? I find that hard to believe. I'm one of those P3D customers (still on P3D v4 and no intention to switch any time soon) and I'm still buying add-ons. My latest purchase was MK-Studios Helsinki. Agreed, this is not an Aerosoft product but for me as a customer there is little difference. I's a great scenery that is worth buying, so I bought it. My latest Aerosoft purchase was Hamburg Professional. So as you can see, I buy what is being released that is of interest to me. All you got to do is release and you got at least one customer for it.
  4. You also have a scenery for that airport for P3D and for X-Plane. It might not have that exact name, it doesn't matter much. Most people don't know the exact title of the product they have, but they do know which airport it is and obviously they know which sim they're using. Therefor I agree with this request. To be clear, you have these three products: Aerosoft Airport Cologne/Bonn Cologne/Bonn Professional Airport Cologne/Bonn XP It's easy to mistake one for another, therefor you can't be clear enough for which platform a product is. It should be mentioned on every occasion. Even better, the platform should be included in the title.
  5. If you really want to, you can order your MSFS2020 DVD version at AviationMegaStore in the Netherlands. They do ship to the USA. Keep in mind that shipment is not exactly cheap, but it is possible. Also the high shipment costs are partly being compensated because, as an American, you don't pay VAT on your purchase. Standard version: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/flight-simulator-2020---standard-4015918149440-microsoft-4015918149440-flight-simulation/product/?action=prodinfo&art=171032 Premium deluxe version: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/flight-simulator-2020---premium-deluxe-german-box-version--10-x-dvds-are-english--4015918149518-ger-microsoft-4015918149518-ger-flight-simulation/product/?action=prodinfo&art=172213
  6. Usually I'm one of the guys giving advice here, but this time I'm looking for some input to come to a good decision. My current video card is getting a bit outdated. It's a GeForce GTX 960 with 2 GB GDDR5 memory (ASUS GTX 960 Mini OC). Not much special these days. One disadvantage is that it only has one DVI output, so technically only one monitor can be connected to it. However I have three monitors and use a Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition to connect them all to my system. And while it's all still functional, I'm thinking about updating. A better videocard on which all three monitors can be directly connected, abolishing the need for the TripleHead2Go. This is mainly due to the drivers and software for the TripleHead2Go getting outdated (they're not updated anymore) and slowing down the system. The video card I got my eyes on is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Mini OTX OC 6G. It comes with three DisplayPort connectors, so all three monitors can be directly connected (although I will need adapter plugs since the monitors can only be connected through DVI, they don't have a DisplayPort connection). For details, this is the card I'm eyeing. https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1413374/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1660-mini-itx-oc-6g.html But before I make my purchase, I'd like to hear what others think. By the way, the rest of my system looks as follows: Motherboard: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 CPU: Intel Core i7-7800X Memory: 32 GB DDR4-2132 / PC4-17000 (2x 16 GB) Drives: 1x Kingston SKC1000960G NVMe 960 GB (for Windows and other applications), 1x Samsung SSD 840 EVO 750 GB (for P3D v4) and 1x Toshiba DT01ACA300 3 TB 7200 RPM HDD (for storage) Optical drive: Plextor BD-R PX-B950SA Any thoughts?
  7. I suspect it could be a software thing. Antivirus maybe? Some antivirus packages are quite heavy on the system, restricting resources to other applications such as flight sim. Other than that I agree with the posts above that the CPU and GPU are quite outdated, but that should not be the major problem. P3D doesn't lean on the CPU as much as FSX did, in fact it hardly makes any difference. Although not the best CPU, it should be sufficient. It can't be the GPU either, I got one less than you (GTX 960) with the same amount of memory and I get higher frames than you. It could be that 16 GB RAM isn't enough, or that you have slower RAM installed than your motherboard can cope with. I got 32 GB RAM myself, that could be the reason for my higher frame rate. Last but not least, how is the cooling in your system? Do you have a sufficient cooler for your CPU and GPU? Don't they get too hot? Might there be dust clogging up inside your system? Or even worse, nicotine (often a problem if you smoke near the computer). Laptops are known to throttle down if they get too hot, causing all kinds of problems. But if the cooling is insufficient it could happen with desktops as well.
  8. Is this what you were looking for? https://secure.simmarket.com/bridge-beijing-daxing-intl-airport_p3d.phtml
  9. And as far as I know FSDG is in the process of making the Maldives, or at least the major airport Male. Not sure about the rest of the islands.
  10. There was a rumor ORBX would do it, but so far I can't find any source for it. So do I, however there might be a possibility for LatinVFR to do it. No promise though, but he does live in Orlando and is planning to do Orlando International. Maybe he'll make the project a bit broader and include Sanford as well.
  11. According to their forums, FSDG is considering Kos.
  12. Does Apple even use DirectX? I don't know, it's a long time ago since I've last used an Apple product and I can honestly say I'm not familiar with it at all. Anyway, this article is about the Windows version of DirectX. This makes sense because FSX / P3D is written for Windows. It might or might not work on MacOS, I don't know about that, but it's not native to that platform.
  13. No, but there is nothing to report. All we know is that Jo Erlend would start developing Brussels after he finished Cologne-Bonn. The release of Cologne-Bonn was a few months ago, so if it all goes according to plan this means Brussels is only in development for a couple of months. While those first few months are important to lay a solid base, there's not really anything to show yet. It's no exception for a scenery to take up to two years development time, so have some patience. Edit by mod: Last line removed. Patrick, we told you a couple of times already we do not accept recommending customers to buy the competition. You write highly recognized and apprechiated posts, but you need to accept that this forum is part of our marketing.
  14. It looks like your wish has been granted as Captain7 and 29Palms (Known for Magdeburg and Nuremberg) are developing it. https://fselite.net/uncategorised/captain7-29palms-share-renders-of-hannover-langenhagen-eddv
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