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    Folks, is this REALLY necessary? I mean, you personalized the installation, you ask for a serial when installing - but asking for the serial again with an update? It's just soooo annoying. What did you personalize the installation for then?
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    It's not. Know what you are talking about. Update your GAP's - no serial needed, for example. My grief is that even with the additional security measures Aerosoft has undertaken (understandably so), I, as a legal customer, have to enter my serial over and over again. And it makes no sense at all regarding security. The serial is the same for the bus and the update, so if you have entered it once, you will have it for the update as well. So: it's just annoying for paying customers.
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    So what I think you are saying is that because there were some truely awfull airbuses in the past, we should be grateful for what we get? I can see your point, but, do you not wonder how good or otherwise this one would have been if nobody complained about the older ones? Oh, and just a technical correction; it was never stated that "this was a mix of areosoft an ms default bus". On the contrary, it was stated that this one flew like a dream and had the fps of the default. Sadly, neither claim quite acheived.
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    Hi Guys, It must be said an i feel i must say it !! I have never met such a bunch of wingers as what visit / write an complain in this forum. From the outset it was stated that this was a mix of areosoft an ms default bus ect yet we / you all went an bought it !! WHY ? because its a breath of fresh air in the FSX airbus world . Yes it may not suit the purist simmer YET it does not really suit me having first entered the airbus world back in 2002 with the Just flight A320 professional rendition. Fine it was`nt to bad !! various panel intergrations were tried, ifdg panels merged with this an that,with files moved here there an every where !!. Then came WILCO my god in the early years of this release it cud not find a foot path never mind a glide path, many occasion i wud be heading into Manchester 05r then for no reason 180 degree turn and Liverpool looked my best bet !! updates released over the next 4 yrs have sorted it out but hey just look at that flight model now with its greyed out cockpit windows ect.( they even shut their own forum !! things got that bad ). This rendition from Aerosoft is a joy Yes it does need sids an stars adding and other improvement to the MCDU we all know it does Aerosoft knows it does and as they have said . A professioal release may come in time with even more updates for our exsiting version . I have just spent 10 hrs a work driving a coach / bus and its great to come home an relax flighing this airbus with the minimum of setting up of the MCDU ect. I aint got the time sometimes to sit programming for half an hour or more before hitting the runway. I use Flight Sim Commander to create my flights an save in mfsx ect. which uses Navigraph sids an stars ect . Just done a short hop from Manchester to Gatwick using the Horizon VFR scenery coupled with the UK2000 Extreme set of airports the flight was fault less yeah landing a touch heavy on full auto but we got there and the landing lights are a real nice eye candy !! to match the extreme airport scenery. Ok i am using a pretty high end intel pent machine of which i aint gonna bore you with the specs but come on guys this version is a breath of fresh air in the airbus world. That VC flight decks visuals is worth the money esp in the night mode too. So come on guys we all know Aerosoft will improve an release fixes for this bird and sort the MCDU but what is needed is time and a bit more patience on our part given these requests they are on to a winner for sure. Soz but just had to get this out my system Guys Neville
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    I still think Kill Devil Hills area is the best location. PNW is nice but to make it compatible is hard, very hard.
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    Hello Christer, If you want the default overhead mapped back to the F12 key you will unfortunetly need to manually comment out the EZ Dok camera setting in each of the 4 aircraft.cfg files. The Overhead panel is still mapped int he file to the F12 key but so is the EZ Dok camera setting as a result FSX is using the last entry. Just commet out this setting - //[CameraDefinition.201] //Title=EZdok Aircraft Universal camera //Guid={D8D67955-2E9B-4e75-9D8B-8EFFBBFAC65B} //Description=Universal camera for EZdok cam utility //Origin=Center //SnapPbhAdjust=Swivel //SnapPbhReturn=FALSE //PanPbhAdjust=Swivel //PanPbhReturn=FALSE //Track=None //ShowAxis=FALSE //AllowZoom=TRUE //InitialZoom=0.40 //ShowWeather=Yes //InitialXyz=0,0,0 //InitialPbh=10, 0, 0 //XyzAdjust=TRUE //Category=Aircraft //MomentumEffect=FALSE //ClipMode=Minimum //HotKeySelect=4 Bob
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    Scheinbar hat es hier Leute, die immer einen schlechten Tag erwischt haben... Naja, die TESIS steht seit Oktober 2008 in ELLX, das wären nach Adam Riese 2 Jahre. Erst P8, jetzt da wie auf den Bilder zu sehen. Sie hat momentan nur noch 1 Triebwerk und JA: Die Baustelle ist (so gut wie) weg. Das neue Businesscenter ist quasi fertig, wenngleich auch noch viel leer steht... Ach ja Christoph: Auf die Windschutzscheibe auf der Copilotenseite der TESIS hat gestern eine Taube gesch... . Könntest Du das bitte auch noch umsetzen? (Ich hoffe Du weißt, wie`s gemeint ist... )
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    Well, quite a hard reply from Arnaud, yes I agree BUT I agree also with Arnaud nonetheless! This an unacceptable way of communicating with customers! Shaun, obviously you are doing your best to get some communication going (you reply nicely to my E-Mail and I'm sure that you are trying to get the authors of the scenery to reply to us), so my complaint is not going to you but rather (like Arnaud) to the scenery's developers. Why, why not communicating directly with us huh? What's the point of a support forum then?!! And I agree even more with Arnaud considering the answer to the problem... Why am I running an Acer Predator (full options) with FS9 settings to the MAX at a FPS of 25-30 at airport like Budapest, London, Roma, De gaulles (with sceneries of course) and barely 6-8 FPS at Orly ???!!!!!! Yeah right, because of my crappy PC huh ??!!!!! What an awful reply from the scenery's developers!!! Yes indded, you are about to loose a second customer if you keep behaving like that!! Wanted to buy Munich but now I just wait and see... I really hope to see a better reply from aerosoft/developpers or whoever should communicate with us soon!!! Alex
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    My answer is hard but must be linked to my previous polite posts in that same thread, see first and second page where Peter the designer talked with us. What is unacceptable is the easy way to blame customers' PC when some performance problems are reported about a scenery. I run a nowadays and recent powerful PC, like most users around here I believe. The performance issues have nothing to do with the details of Orly scenery, nor fs9 default autogen or anything like that. The scenery is indeed very nice, so instead of assuming that the performance isses are due to the high details, which is totally wrong, the developper should try to get more information from us as to what other sceneries we have installed in the area etc... It is obvious that the performance issues of Orly are caused by a conflict with 'something' rather than the 3D objetcs details or the weakness of our rigs. Lets get to work, period. Aerosoft is really about to lose one customer: we've all understood very well that fs9ers have become the parias of the community and many people are upset at us that we slow the FSX market down, and this had been wrote many time by some Aerosoft project managers in this forum. Which, I can certainly understand, but once you've sold something, you ought to support it. I've already had to rework myself all of the Orly texture's folder to add mips, that is enough. Aerosoft talks about their beta testers, that is quite funny, because it actually seems that no serious beta testing is being made before release, 'we' the customers' are their beta testers actually, and we have to cash in. And where it gets nasty, is that once we dare to report some problems we're being told that our PC is a piece of crap. This is what I call 'unacceptable' behaviour.
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    Hard answer from Arnaud... but I agree ... Without change my configuration and in same condition ... I have 20 fps with Munich for versus Orly with 5 fps ... = 3/4 more slow ... The recent upgrade Munich to 1.01 for " Ladeabstände der einzelnen Gebäude und des Luftbildes besser abgestuft für einen weicheren Anflug " Loading distances of each building and the aerial photograph graded better for a softer approach. .. This is great if an update with the same intention release for Orly ... because in Orly all building loaded in same time and not relative to the distence ... ( or the parameter loading distence is more generous ... ) But Orly is a great scenery with a good sense of immersion, Especially in night mode ...
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    But, you only have to "comment out" // the first line - not each and every line. //[CameraDefinition.201]
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    That reply is totally unacceptable . Why dont Peter come here and post himself? He had already posted in this thread and he knows very well what is going on. That's just ridiculous. He's part of Aerosoft, unlike some other devs, Aerosoft consider its customers like morons, how pleasant is that? To Peter: Orly is small airport. How do you explain that we run FSDT JFK, Mega Frankfurt, Heathrow etc at 30FPS with full AI when on final and that we get less than 10 with Orly, ON THE SAME PC? UNACCEPTABLE REPLY FROM AEROSOFT. Really pathetic.
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    Comment out means, to do what Bob showed in his post: just put in front of each line 2 slashes: // That's called "to comment out" in programmers language, so the programm skips those lines
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    Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government is X-Raying You as You Drive If you have been feeling uneasy about having to be X-rayed by a Transportation Security Administration goon who can look under your clothes every time you fly, consider this: at least you can say no, and agree to be subjected to an old-fashioned full-body search. No opt-out for the latest in anti-terror technology though, with reports just out in Forbes Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor that the Homeland Security Department has purchased 500 mobil X-ray vans called ZBVs that can scan cars, trucks and homes without the drivers even knowing that they're being zapped. These vans, made by a Massachusetts company called American Science & Engineering, are fitted out with what are called Z Backscatter X-ray devices, which aim a focussed X-ray beam that reportedly has the capability of penetrating 14 inches of steel. http://www.infowars....u-as-you-drive/
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    I undesrtand you don't believe it is a problem. I respectfully disagree. I suppose the upshot of this thread is no, there will be no changes in the descent / speed issue.
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    That's the same for all updates on all products.... .....it may prevent or hinder the theives from updating their illegal copies...
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    Hi wie wärs mit GMML Laayoune Hassan Marocco wäre mit AES natürlich noch ein i punkt! Hammer scenerie könnte payware sein ! http://www.libertysi...4c920e18cd44787 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flughafen_El_Aaiun_Hassan_I Lg Chris
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    Sorry, but with this sentence my interest to invest my free time to help you with your special Windows installation will end right here. The installer works fine in 1000 installation, and the situation your have (no ALL USER's Directory) is far from normal in my view. But, when you REQUEST, that help for YOUR special problem in 24 hours, wait for Aerosoft stuff, may be they will help you sometime. Btw: Why don't you try too add the both directory manual to the scenery Libray? You know how it works.
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    I can now confirm this will be for FS2004 done as well.
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    Here's mine picture, taken from OSL (Oslo airport Gardermoen / Norway)
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    I beg to differ.... faulty is exactly what it is.. just putting it mildly..first of all I see the same answer to the question "assign your throttle to the controller axis in control settings"..that is an easy instruction that i can follow and I have done that.. I restarted the sim..restarted the computer...and still no movement of the plane..As far as im concerned you guys need to make a service pack..I almost went and purchase FSUIPC just for this and if I did i would have wasted my money ..even if that solved the issue its unfair to have to go and spend even more than the cost of the Airbus just to get the aircraft to be functional..The only thing that i can think that could be the problem is if this issue s linked with operating system ..i operate win 7 64bit. Aerosoft is usually a pleasure but this time im totally disappointed
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    umm...yeah...you guys said you were gonna keep it simple but ironically you make the throttle system complex enough that it needs another software to run..hmm....now that's interesting. And why must we have to pay another company money just to move a throttle in your software..(that doesn't sound fair to me at all) especially since there was no notification when purchasing the Airbus X that you must have a registered copy of FSUIPC.( Go look on www.simmarket.com and see for yourself ..not one word about FSUIPC). And most likely not Aerosoft site either. At least Aerosoft could have made negotiations with FSUIPC developer, Pete Dowson and whatever the cost implemented could have just simply been added to the price to your product to compensate..even if the airbus was $70 US ppl would have purchased it but instead Aerosoft decided to charge $50 US only to find out later in the forum that you need to register FSUIPC for another $38US. Do you understand how annoying and disappointing that is for many Aerosoft Airbus X customers? could you imagine how many potential customers would have not purchased the product had they known that before hand? So please... don't try to make me look like the bad guy. Secondly If I purchase something its up to me to decide whether I want to share it with a friend or not. however posting online for the entire public is a different story and cannot be defended.
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    Shiverme timbers???..not sure what you trying to get at ...im guessing you either wished you knew my friend or you're upset about the fact that you can't move your plane either until you spend an extra 38US on FSUIPC. (assuming you haven't already done so) Either way dont get with me...that's between you and you know who.
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    nope.... you still got it wrong..not because i said i could share if i wanted to doesnt mean I am. That's why I said "IF"...I was creating a scenario.You really having a hard time with the English language for someone that is from the UK. So If i said i could jump off a cliff if i wanted to does it mean i will jumped off one or have?. you feel you know more and you could talk smarter than me. I know you want to argue so go ahead continue to argue and look "smart".
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    Hmmmm, is it really necessary to complain about a step of 5 seconds to enter your serial??
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    Hello Folks, Peter sent me this reply.
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    Hi! I have been following the development of the coming Gardermoen X scenery for FSX, made by Jo Erlend Sund. Problem is, he has actaully more or less promised a FS9 version, under the whole dev thread, he said FS9 would be 70% certainley coming, then he said that for now it would not be relased, and then he changed again, said it would come out in December. Then all of a sudden with no warning he says that Gardermoen for FS9 has been cancelled. So Aerosoft, will there be a REAL Mega Airport Gardermoen? Reason I am saying REAL is that the complete Mega Airport series has been for both FSX and FS9, thus I feel that the Mega Airport part should be left out.

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