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  1. Thank you ... ! In the first time I think this tool are only for Aerosoft shop customer... but I find it
  2. Hello, I buy ENVA on simmarket ... but on this store and my acount that's again V 1.000 ... It is possible update the simmarket files Trondheim to the actual version V 1.02 Or how optain the update ??? Thank you !
  3. Thank you for this update.... I think that's also great if you make an update for London X with the Olympique village < ... that's the moment ...
  4. he carves the manual with a flint ... that's work long
  5. When 2.22 come out ? With all news airports release there is some time ??? I hope Oliver continue work on AES and news features
  6. Do not take customers hostage please ... it's not our fault or error if you announced too soon to close to release the project, ... And I think you have also a possibility for delete this error message on the forum ... " close to release " if the tag appears early versus your project... O.K. Mathis you are speak about your news installer instantly, thanks ... but I think all customers never imagine this new installer request more and more weeks for release ... and never people read information about this new installer came before this ...disorder Personally, I care little ... I have a
  7. +2 All personal Aerosoft partied at Carnival this week and not working ... ( Also , Krakow Balice X available since this saturday ... but not for Aerosoft Customer ... )
  8. Hi This scenery are release this saturday 18-2-2012 ... for FSX
  9. New effect detect ... butterfly turn in the light at night .... ( O.K. there is place for assistance forum... not congratulation place area, sorry ... )
  10. Very thank you for this release ... fantastique airport and area ... First start for discovery this area ... under the real weather moment ... snow storm ... lol But question ... I think a few winter texture are lost ??? That's possible ? Some other pics under snow ...
  11. "Closed for release" ... That's a long time see this write < How many time before release you write "close for release" ... Friedrichafen are not closed for release ... but, I'am very happy find This airport available today...
  12. Yes ... and I think the boys are very nervous ... just little more slow please ... ... I have never seen a man working in an airport as fast... Thank you Oliver for this update, I like also the light on the stair ...<
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