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  1. Are you using DX10 preview? If so, don't
  2. It's not really a VFR London issue. I have found UTX to be problematic and sometimes it goes weird. Never thought about moving the scenery priority. When this happens I usually exit FSX, disable UTX, run FSX, close then enable UTX again and all is back to normal. I guess at some point the texture cache get corrupt or something. Anyway, thanks for the tip.
  3. In your FSX.CFG file have you tried to change the values under the [TERRAIN] section. LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 to LOD_RADIUS=6.500000 Also in the [DISPLAY] section try adding: Mipbias=6 See if that helps. If not, lower your settings slightly as there might not be enough CPU cycles to process everything - FSX is weird beast.
  4. Thanks Shaun, Here's a pic - I put together screen shots for Jan/Feb/Mar with winterwonder;and selected in the weather. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, I bought this add-on a few days ago and I have noticed that the winter textures are just black and white. To keep it simple I selected 'Winter Wonderland' weather theme and set fsx to Feb = Black and white, same weather settings and Jan = nice winter textures.....Is there a bug here? Just checking. Damo
  6. Thanks for rechecking Chris, I'll pass on the information to the FSC least they'll know there's an issue at LEMD.
  7. Thanks Chris, I think I'm doing something wrong here, I put in the Ban3B star and pressed the App button which directs me straight to the runway 18L, I have a feeling I have misunderstood the difference between Stars and Transitions, although FSC dev team seam to acknowledge some issues. Having said that, user error, as usual, is the likely cause......many thanks for your time and help Chris Damo........edit
  8. uuuummm, I just updated the navigraph data for fsc demo and it's still the same.....I'm using Aerosoft Madrid, I wonder if that is causing something to go wrong.
  9. Thank you for checking Chris. I shall investigate further.
  10. Hey guy's, I have been using Fscommander in demo mode recently and I'm considering buying it. One issues I have seen is that on my approach to LEMD 18L via transition SIE the flightplan puts in an additional waypoint 146DM which is on the ils to runway 33L.... Is this a bug? I use Madrid a lot so I need it to work perfectly before I buy. I wonder if it's possible for someone to check it for me, as it may be a conflict on my system.
  11. Uuuummm, I get 22 to 30fps with the NGX at Madrid, and that's with a computer that's modest by todays standards. What are your FPS at other Mega Airports, EGLL, for example. What are the FPS on approach, are the frames low everywhere or do they drop/fluctuate when you are looking in a certain direction or at a certain location? There might be some tweaking to do but 2 - 10fps is not right for your hardware configuration. Traffic was my initial problem with all mega airports and I moved it down to 16% - everything else on that page is off as it's not needed in my opinion and there's still a healthy traffic flow. Have you put in the Bufferpools* and highmex tweaks in your CFG file? Actually, better still put your fsx.cfg file through if you haven't done so already. Is FSX on the same drive as windows ( can cause a performance hit )? *I use [bUFFERPOOLS] Poolsize=0 and that releases around 10 frames
  12. Yes, like Bliksimpie states, you should always go through maintenance and servicing before flying. While I know FSX is not real, this bird should be treated with some level of virtual realism.
  13. Gibraltar is quite a small airport in terms of commercial arrivals/departures....There's usually 5 or 6 flights a day....this may be reflected in the add-on. With my add-on AI planes I usually come across the occasional landing, but, this it rare to see more than one plane parked.
  14. Falling out of the sky using means you need to replace the engine.
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