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  1. Holgi your awesome, keep up the good work man
  2. Thank you, your airports are wonderfully made, i absolutly love them! here's the last video of the whole series (enough posting from me now hehe) Very realistic takeoff at Corfu!
  3. 1 video left ! , here we take a very steep climb out of london city, what a magnificent airport done by Aerosoft!
  4. Video 5 of 7, we're near the end of the series, and now it gets more exciting Enjoy!
  5. i can only post 2 videos in a post, what a shame aerosoft! anyway here's video 3
  6. Second Video has been added! Early Morning Landing at Manchester
  7. Hi guys, i proudly present my second mini series, this time i am featuring the fabulous Airbus X , the Plane will be flying to all sorts of places, one video every day for a week! different cockpit approaches / crosswind / night time & daytime landings, along with a Go Around, Stay Tuned for more, im looking for suggestions to finish this series off, i still have to make 2 more videos.
  8. Thanks very much, i did email you a while ago about these videos but i had no response, so i just done it im glad you liked it, makes it all worth while.
  9. Game: Microsoft Flight Simulator X Planes: Cessna 172, P-51 Mustang , Aerosoft Twin Otter Scenery: Aerosoft Dangerous Airports 1 Weather: REX OverDrive 2.0 Recorded with FSRecorder and captured with FRAPS. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9 & NewBlueFX.
  10. [media=] British Airways Twin Otter coming in for landing at Barra Airport (EGPR) , this scenery is part of "Aerosoft's Dangerous Airport Package". http://www.aerosoft....i?showd,,D10057
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