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  1. I am interested in this as well !
  2. FSD is just to lazy to learn how to program for XPX...
  3. Mathijs, I order the early December X-Plane 10 directly from Laminar Research. Will I be able to order the enhanced high detailed European airports, medium density airports and the low density airports as an ADD-ON to the early December release ? Regards.........
  4. Mathijs will you be converting Maderia and the Katana4x ?
  5. New images of XPLANE-10 http://www.x-plane.com/news/
  6. strid

    AFS 2012...

    Have you looked at Outerra lately ? http://youtu.be/MrlVSAiu4Ag
  7. strid

    AFS 2012...

    I hope you convert Madeira to Xplane-10. Thats one of my favorite scenery products Ive bought from Aerosoft ! And don't forget the new Katana ! Hopefully you can fix the backlighting of the gauges so you can take advantage of the new lighting that Xplane-10 has !
  8. Gotcha. Ok so why not add back lighting for the gauges ?
  9. Whats bump mapping ? How do we turn it off so the flood light works ?
  10. None, are you offering ? lol... I stand corrected if she slips like the real thing.
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