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  1. FlyAgi, Thanks for that info , will set about sorting that too , I do have England fully covered by Orbs and most of the airports, but they dont do Newcastle International ( EGNT ) , Aerosoft have, so you can see my must have reach for the card when it came out 🙂 My comp has just under gone a major surgery update , New Phanteks case , Samsung SSD`s , Water-cooling + Noctua fans, Windows10 now on its own drive , X-plane 11 on its own drive ect ect ( Santa was good !! ). So yes as you pointed out seasons is not turned on, it was on before the rebuild but you get distracted and lost sometimes , putting it all back together and tend to forget the fine tuning !! So thanks again to you all for your help and advice. esp me papi lights too , Heads in the clouds , ....mind you should you live in the Northeast of England, grey skies and clouds come as standard !!!!!. Thanks again everyone , Neville.
  2. Hi Marten, If only you could see my smile :-), Thanks ever so much Neville.
  3. Thanks Marten , I ll try and track it down 😉. If I'm unsuccessful finding it I'll just have to be patient I suppose .. what's a month or two wait after twenty years for a real Payware edition. Ps ... Papi or No papi lights it's still a great rendition esp being my home base airport . Thanks again , Nev.
  4. Hi guys, Twenty years i waited for an EGNT Newcastle International Airport "PAYWARE VERSION ", Up here in the Northeast of England we tended to be overlooked on airport releases. the Londons , Manchesters ect ect being well catered for !. ( releases I own too ) So when EGNT was released by yourselves it was a no brainer ... reach for the payment card immediately ( admittedly bought through "Just flight" this time ). Then shock horror !! "NO PAPI LIGHTS !!! " this cant be true not from Aerosoft ?. Free ware versions have PAPI Lights !! check after check i made on comp scenery pack ini ect ect without a solution. Then i arrive here in search of solution and low and behold a "FIX" in the form of apt.dat file, Hoo-ray big smile,,, sadly a download/ repair which has since been blocked !!! Two months later after the first Post made by IanB3 there is still no Update , Fix or apt,dat file, to resolve the Papi lights issue. Am i looking in the wrong place is there a fix / update i can download somewhere ?? Aerosoft having been a customer with you for many years i truly am shocked you let this slip through the quality control, Still your testers did see and pass the approach lights ok, and gave us a runway centre line to aim for !!!! !!! !!! WOW Come on Aerosoft ...... keep up the standards please . Yours truly, dismayed, shocked and dis-appointed, Neville. ( EGNT )
  5. Hi Guys, It must be said an i feel i must say it !! I have never met such a bunch of wingers as what visit / write an complain in this forum. From the outset it was stated that this was a mix of areosoft an ms default bus ect yet we / you all went an bought it !! WHY ? because its a breath of fresh air in the FSX airbus world . Yes it may not suit the purist simmer YET it does not really suit me having first entered the airbus world back in 2002 with the Just flight A320 professional rendition. Fine it was`nt to bad !! various panel intergrations were tried, ifdg panels merged with this an that,with files moved here there an every where !!. Then came WILCO my god in the early years of this release it cud not find a foot path never mind a glide path, many occasion i wud be heading into Manchester 05r then for no reason 180 degree turn and Liverpool looked my best bet !! updates released over the next 4 yrs have sorted it out but hey just look at that flight model now with its greyed out cockpit windows ect.( they even shut their own forum !! things got that bad ). This rendition from Aerosoft is a joy Yes it does need sids an stars adding and other improvement to the MCDU we all know it does Aerosoft knows it does and as they have said . A professioal release may come in time with even more updates for our exsiting version . I have just spent 10 hrs a work driving a coach / bus and its great to come home an relax flighing this airbus with the minimum of setting up of the MCDU ect. I aint got the time sometimes to sit programming for half an hour or more before hitting the runway. I use Flight Sim Commander to create my flights an save in mfsx ect. which uses Navigraph sids an stars ect . Just done a short hop from Manchester to Gatwick using the Horizon VFR scenery coupled with the UK2000 Extreme set of airports the flight was fault less yeah landing a touch heavy on full auto but we got there and the landing lights are a real nice eye candy !! to match the extreme airport scenery. Ok i am using a pretty high end intel pent machine of which i aint gonna bore you with the specs but come on guys this version is a breath of fresh air in the airbus world. That VC flight decks visuals is worth the money esp in the night mode too. So come on guys we all know Aerosoft will improve an release fixes for this bird and sort the MCDU but what is needed is time and a bit more patience on our part given these requests they are on to a winner for sure. Soz but just had to get this out my system Guys Neville
  6. Throttle up , !! Go get download mate its worth every euro, yeah its not complex as other sims ( pmdg/ level d, ect) but then aerosoft neva claimed it wud be YET !!. but as airbus goes its a peach . The VC flightdeck is WOW !! and night time lighting it just blows your mind. theres a bit of contro ova sids an stars ect but if you own Fs Commander it will happily import your routes ect made in this navigation tool which is a superb programn capable of constructing real world flight plans downloaded from the usual resources. Given time an the popularity of this new sim AEROSOFT developers may well update this to accept an show/offer sids /stars ect .it really is a great mid range sim wiv a little more devopement an upgrades it will become a classic but at the moment enjoy it for wot it is, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR IN THE AIRBUS SERIES , which is more than can be said for for some devolopers of recent with out mentioning names who promised the world an delivered a load of HOT AIR talk which we were expected to fund !! yeah right dont think so !!! GO ENJOY mate Neville
  7. Hi Guys, Just purchased today, its a lovely sim a sim we have waited for, For so long promises from so many other developers but just read their forums !!! oh dear. The guys have done a great job on this, ok its not perfect but hey if like me you have suffered other versions from other developers then this is the best recent release of an airbus. Plus if you are limited to how much time through work comittments you have then this is a great sim to come in from work take a flight to some not so distant destination. Yeah its not fully complex but in time an with more service pack releases it will become THE AIRBUS SIM to have an my goodness have we all waited for that to be. There is something for every one in this sim from the novice to expert and a touch of eye candy thrown in. " WELL DONE AEROSOFT " . its worth every euro . THANKS GUYS Neville England
  8. Hi T/C It works a treat T/C ,configured as intructed by your explicit detailed instructions and within 10 mins we were up and running, THANKS ONCE AGAIN PUBLICLY ...T/C NEVILLE
  9. Hi T/C, Recieved your instuctions thanks eva so much It real means alot when people are willing to put them selves out, and to alot of trouble too to help a fellow hobbiest, So greatly appriciated T/C May i here publicly........ Thankyou for your kind help Neville
  10. Hi T/C, Thanks ever so much for your help its really appriciated . You too Shaun. Only complaint about plane is its manuals a bit sparce to say the least !! or is that just me ?? Ok its not a airbus or jumbo but still not alot of help if you bought it and your a complete novice. ( just a small niggle ) unless im missing something. That said its a wonderfull rendition esp the worn used look the plane has inside. (nice touch of realism ) Thanks again guys. neville
  11. Hi Shaun, Aerosofts version is in the hanger aint had time to try out yet had a quick look like its worn used look !! Tigerclaw, Any config files and help or step by step on how to get Garmin 530waas installed would be greatly appriciated . if i may be so rude to ask PS my email address is available if you wud prefer to send privately please ! Neville
  12. HI Guys, Thanks for feed back ,very much appriciated , on the case now, . Pity D/A ar`nt, but will let the matter drop right here Thanks again guys Neville
  13. Tigerclaw, YEAH its a bitter pill to swallow 39.95 euro sitting there "broken" by the developers !!. Thank goodness for "THE DUKE" which I learnt about through the REALITY XP forums, It kept getting mentioned so checked it out . ITS WORTH EVERY POUND ,DOLLAR ,EURO ,what ever your countries curency is. Coupled to-gether "THE DUKE" and "Reality XP Garmin 530 W" take the G/A flying simultion to another level . ( You have fell along way behind D/A Cheyenne team sorry to say !! ) I will on your recommendation go and aquire the Seneca, which devoloper s version did you purchase ?... Just FLights ??. as soon as you confirm im on the case !! Thanks for the info. Neville County Durham ENGLAND
  14. Hi Tigerclaw, Got to agree fully have posted on other cheyenne sites " THE DUKE " is blowing cheyenne out of the sky. Like you "TIGER CLAW" and prob others ! my Cheyenne sits gathering dust to the tune of 39 .95 euro`s !!!!!. AFTER 3 MONTHS USE . I agree there has been posts off admin staff explaining the prob with version 4 and the bits falling off !! but before this UPDATE !! HUH !!! bits did not fall off. If it aint broke why did they fix it ( NOT !!). Ive lost all faith in this lot " THE DUKE " is a true FSX directx 10 plane built for the job runs an reconizes REALITY XP `s garmin 530w (another £30 worth) If you happen to own its a marvellous piece of software honest, well worth every £ without any hassle of delete this cfg line ! input this !! alter that ECT!!!. Nah this lot have lost the plot !! which is a shame .Maybe they shud ask "THE DUKES " programers for a few hints and tips !! on how to fix their now ruined product well on my top end machine it is . Nope " THE DUKE " for me from now on. D/Aviation need to get there act to-gether PDQ, Pretty Dam Quick... but then why shud they ??? they have our hard earned cash !!. NEVILLE
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