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  1. Alright Ole I started as well, should be done within the next few days
  2. WOW good one Ole, maybe a bit smaller though and behind plots AF28 and AF29, with a small terrace on the roadside, good for some poolside fly-in parties! Can't wait for it to be build. We should really organize a pool party when it it build!
  3. hey thats great! I'm in France at the moment and I will fly to the Netherlands in 3 weeks where I will stay for the rest of the time! Oh and yes it is warm. About 36 degrees today
  4. Hey All, First of all sorry that I couldn't post something in the forums for a long time, real-world kept me busy. Now that I have time for Andras again (though I cant fly because i am currently on holidays till the 17th of August -.- ) I would like to propose something. That is a public pool for all visitors (by plane) and plot owners without a pool. It can get pretty hot in summer and a pool would be pretty cool to have. Best would be somewhere in the vicinity of the clubhouse or the restaurant, so you could jump of your plane and in the pool!
  5. Wow Ole cool design! I really like the build-in hangar, looks cool!
  6. Alright guys, tomorrow I will arrive in my Cessna Mustang at EAFS at approx. 16:00 Andras Time from Vienna, finally back home for the summer! Who will join me in celebrating this? It would be nce to make some circuits afterwards, also to you guys on the RTWC! :rolleyes:
  7. What a beatiful bird that is, and amazing shots as well, good job!
  8. Hi All, I will be online flying some patterns at Andras from 14:30 Andras Time (12:30 UTC) onwards. Would be great to see a lot of people joining! :lol:
  9. Can I still be a driver for the ground equipment? I have the rosenbauer panther in my hangar.
  10. Just to let you all know, I'm back flying at Andras after a (long) winter break in the Us flying for US Airways VA. I hope to see you all again at online events and with Andras Meridian VA!
  11. Ok thanks for the answer. I will see if that is possible (there is no uninstall program)
  12. Hi all, After trying a few times to uninstall and reinstall AAA, I still have the same problem. AAA seems to not work with Fscene. I added a picture to show what I am talking about. Anyone exeperienced the same, or have an idea to solve the problem? Any help would be very very very much appreciated 2011-2-26_16-52-49-442.BMP
  13. Not a very nice wording, but I understand, I am not the right person for this.
  14. Nice idea Matt, but I think without the helipads even better
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