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  1. There is an updated xml loader that provides an option for P3Dv5. I realize it is not supported. All I'm saying that for me to use it in P3Dv5, one of the things I had to do was obtain the updated xml loader, which is different from the one that came with the download. After that, everything--including the loader--worked fine. But no one should buy this product and expect to just install it in P3Dv5. It won't work without a bit of creative adjustment. If I can easily make it work in v5 (not recommending anyone else do it) I don't understand why Aerosoft doesn't make this wonderful classic official, but that's not really any of my business.
  2. Totally unofficially and unsupported, with a little research and patience it works beautifully in P3Dv5.2. But it will not just install and run. I'm not going to get into details and whatever you decide to try any consequences are on you. If you're comfortable with this sort of thing, though, you'll probably know what I'm talking about, and there are a couple of gotchas to be aware of. It has become my go-to long-haul airplane and I thank Aerosoft for doing such a good job on an iconic classic. For version 4. Officially.
  3. Using a fresh download and the information right off my account page, I can't seem to get Flight Keeper reinstalled even if I cut and paste the serial number in. Can someone help?
  4. Iberia. No autopilot (doing practice circuits). Exactly 400 feet is when the nosedive occurs on approach. There is nothing subtle about it. It is a dive. This doesn't seem to happen at every airport, or is intermittent. It definitely happens every time at Aerosoft's Funchal. I have been able to fly it manually at other airports with some success, e.g. KATL, LOWW. If someone has Funchal and could try the Iberia plane I'd appreciate it. Perhaps it has something to do with the weird approach. I will say that when it isn't diving, this is becoming one of my favorite airplanes. Mastering the FBW is something of a knack and took a long time for a simulated Boeing pilot.
  5. Sorry, it might not be that simple. It's hard to say exactly why I'm no longer having problems, but I am being a lot more careful. Since I don't know for sure, I don't know whether the problem will return, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. 1.22 and more practice have ironed out my problems. That and increasing the sensitivity of the elevators and reducing the null zone. As far as I can determine, the better your approach, the less likely you are to have problems. That would explain why some people are having problems and some are not. With a good approach I have even avoided the 400 foot nose dive on manual landing. I just had a perfectly flawless flight from Berlin to Vienna.
  7. No, I have had it since 1.0. I uninstalled and did a fresh install of the new one. Between 400 feet and 200 feet is a "zone of doom" for me.
  8. Just tried the Edelweiss at KATL (yeah, I know). The moment the "400" announcement comes the plane dives and is completely unresponsive to controls. This is with 1.22.
  9. I am having a lot of problems with the airplane diving and crashing on approach at Funchal. I am not seeing this at other airports. Is there something about Aerosoft Funchal that is giving the Airbus X problems?
  10. I've been practicing at Funchal. No autopilot, just taking off, circling around, and landing. I'm sorry to report that about the point the announcement "400" is made the bottom drops out, the plane sinks and becomes completely unresponsive to control input. Pull the joystick all the way back -- doesn't matter; might as well be pushing it all the way forward. Crash is inevitable. Whatever fly-by-wire is, it can't be that. I've concluded the attempt to implement fly-by-wire in this airplane is a failure and further efforts at practice would be a waste of time. I'll try disabling it and see what happens, but I wanted something different.
  11. I was practicing at Aerosoft's Funchal with the Airbus X and this is what I observed. Small slow inputs are rewarded by steady flight. You don't have to keep after the stick. Once the airplane is doing what you want it to do, e.g. climbing, turning, you can take your hand off and it will continue. In other words, it doesn't fly like the non-FBW airplanes you have. Not at all. Most of the time I was able to land just fine, but a couple of times I experienced the nose dive, which took me right into the bank just before the threshold. About 300-400 feet the nose goes down and nothing will bring it back up. Imagine if the trim were rolled all the way nose down. That's the way it is. It seems to me that if I am set up properly, I don't get the nosedive. But if I am coming in too high and have pushed over to capture the glideslope, that "carries over" somehow. Has anyone noticed if the trim becomes active after the nosedive happens? I'm wondering if FBW doesn't have something to do with the trim and it is not necessarily reset to neutral when you reach the altitude that triggers the FBW to do whatever the crazy thing it is doing at very low altitude. The lighting effects and beauty of this airplane keep drawing me back despite the issues. It does seem the more I fly it, the better I am able to enjoy it. As for difficulty taking off, I don't experience that heaviness at all. It rolls up smoothly for me and climbs perfectly. Likewise banking. I wonder if it is a joystick setup issue?
  12. For all its flaws, I still find myself coming back to this airplane. One thing I've noticed is that I just don't know how FBW works. The more I practice, the better I am getting at it. Automatic flight still needs to be slower on the descent, and I hope they address that, but despite my frustrations I'm still flying it.
  13. Sorry for my over-reaction. A reasonably-toned request for information did get derailed into some of the usual complaining. The broken nav line is serious, because when it shows up it takes you right out of the sim. But I'm hopeful they are yet working on issues, hence the query. Really the biggest thing is that it would be nice to descend with the airplane having control and get down to where I need to be for approach. We're still higher and faster than we should be, I think.
  14. With friends like you, Aerosoft doesn't need whiners. All I did was politely ask for information on the status of the next patch after acknowledging improvements from the previous ones. A question, by the way, met with vituperation, rather than information. If Airbus X meets your standards, I'm happy for you. There is no need to be insulting to those with higher.
  15. It has been awhile since I have read what is going on to improve the Airbus X. There are still significant problems (broken nav line just one) while, in my opinion, past releases have improved things. I'm not asking a "when" question; just reassurance that Aerosoft recognizes issues that need to be addressed, and is working on something for the reasonably near future.
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