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What is CFD? How do I use it?

Want to know what Connected Flight Deck is? Got any question on the principles? This is the place.

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    • Glad to hear the issue was resolved! If you ever run into troubles in the future, I'd definitely recommend updating all your Microsoft Store apps just in case, as other outdated apps can cause issues. While this guide isn't directly related, you can follow steps 1-4 to do this should you ever need to.   Let us know if you need anything else!
    • What FMS page did you use for fligthplan modification? Try it at the "ACT Legs " Page. Can you provide the flightplan?  
    • It’s an issue with all A319IAE. Already fixed and in the pending update included. If you look in the forum, there are other topics regarding this.
    • Once a flight plan is input, if I need to change a waypoint, the FMC will not accept the change - for example, leaving MMZC, the SID calls for crossing over the ZCL VOR after 7nm from the runway, if I put ZCL as the next waypoint, it will either delete the next waypoint but not put ZCL in its place, or will not do anything. After trying to put it in about 10 times, it will finally cause P3Dv5.2 to CTD. I've had this issue with many other waypoint changes in from other flight plans also. the issue started with the latest CRJ update and does not exist with any other aircraft (PDMG, FSLABS, Captain Sim, etc). If there is a log somewhere, I don't know where but otherwise I can post the log if it exists.
    • die ATIS-Durchsagen erfolgen immer in Inch, obwohl in den Wettereinstellungen der Luftdruck in hpa angeteigt wird. Auch in allen Flugzeugen wird der Luftdruck in Inch angezeigt. Da ich meistens in Europa fliege, finde ich das nervig. Kann man das umstellen? Ich habe da noch nichts gefunden. Für mich ist das nicht realitätsnah. 
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