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    • Thought I had. Screen shots in the morning. Thanks
    • Trying to go along with the tutorial flight (there is no gate B47 at Frankfurt) i try to "use the ACFT STATE function of the Settings MCDU and set the aircraft to "COLD AND DARK" and i´m asked to press the buttons in the upper red area of the FMC. However nothing happens when i press them - they are simply "unclickable". I have seen P3D "simconnect" mentioned in a forum as a solution to this, but the tutorial does not mention anything about that.   What am i missing here - how do i get to press the upper buttons of the FMC ?   /Jan Vejling  
    • Have you turned on the the backlight of the displays? Rotary switches under FCU.   And please a screenshot.
    • 2020-7-11_20-54-15-698.pdf Hi I have just purchased London Heathrow Professional to replace UK2000's Heathrow Xtreme which I deselected in P3DV4.5.   Tonight I loaded FSLabs A320 at Gate 309 and when I attempted to have GSX refuel the plane I got the message shown on the attached screen shoot. I shut down P3D and completely deleted UK2000's Heathrow Xtreme and rebooted my computer. I again reloaded FSLabs A320 at the same gate. This time I successfully got GSX to come and refuel the plane. I then decided that I wished to take off from 27R so I shut down P3D and rebooted my computer. I changed the EGLL config to "Take off North/landing South" and again loaded the FSlabs A320 at Gate 309. To my surprise when I tried to get GSX to refuel I again received the same message as on the attached screenshot. I once again shut down P3D and rebooted my computer. I then finally loaded the A320 but this time at Gate 311 only to again fail to get GSX to refuel the plane.   I have posted this here on the Aerosoft forum as the message I received says that the missing file is an Aerosoft one.   I would appreciate any advice on how to rectify this problem   Regards Nixon Thomas 
    • My guess...the installer doesn’t contain the latest Trueglass installer that had do be run with /beta command. You can try the v4 files in v5, but no guarantee. I informed the dev.
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