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    • I wanted to learn more about the CRJ systems. In the process, I have discovered that cabin pressurization manual controls don't work and the same goes for the air conditioning ones. Also, emergency depress seems to doesn't work as well as ram air. And there are a few other things that don't do anything, like the EICAS selector on an SSP panel. Even if it's set to ED1, I still can't change an ED1 page using ECP.   I didn't find any information about these systems not being simulated in the manual, so I just decided to ask about it.
    • It has been already reported with no answer.  ↓↓↓↓ CRJ700 randomly not ready at start-up - Systems - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
    • Thanks for the reply. So the binding of moving the trim up/down may be the problem? When I think about it, two questions arise: What type of control binding would that be that is only active when the AP is active? When such a binding would be the problem, why is the AP still active? Moving the stab trim manually (it’s bound to two keys at my TCA  Stick) would cause the AP to disable, right? And shouldn’t such a problematic binding cause issues in every flight?   Marcus
    • Since this topic was closed, with a wrong hint to the problem, i reopen it.   I dont install my addons in the Prepar3DAddons folder and also have this problem. Also that all apps that change files have this i cant really see. I have over 200 airports, with at least 25 from Aerosoft, this is happening with exactly 1 of them, EDDF.   Lets say i believe you that its a false positive, i still cant install it.... When i unblock it it will again and again getting blocked and in the end the configurator doesnt work and the sim has scenery problems.   What can i do? Standard Win Defender with Win 10 Pro     Unblocking doesnt help. It will continue installing without the blocked file because the installer doesnt stop doing things while unblocking. So always some files will be corrupted since its a temp file that is getting blocked and while you unblock it the installer already did other things, like mentioned.
    • Well, then check if your CPU is at the minimal specs of the sim. If you have an older (the speed does not matter) cpu it could be it is not fully supported.
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