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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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    • Hello Dave, This time a quick realistic answer. I do the FPL with SIM letter and try to integrate it into the AS Fuel Planner to get the same values as Distance, PAX, ZFW, TOW, LDW, I need these to get real values for calculating the FL, Step Climb and Trim get. I adjust the wind for TOW LDW. After the last current update there are many values in the red area. Without the AS Fuel Planner, I don't know where I can get the Trim values from. Now wait for the announced video. Thank you CFG874 Bernd   Hallo Dave, Diesmal eine schnelle realistische Antwort. Ich mache die FPL mit SIMBrief und versuche diese in den AS Fuel Planer zu integrieren um auf gleiche Werte zu kommen wie Distance,  PAX, ZFW, TOW, LDW, Diese brauche ich um auf reale Werte für die Berechnung des FL, Step Climb und Trim zu kommen.  Den Wind passe ich an für TOW LDW. Nach dem letzten aktuellen Update sind dann viele Werte im roten Bereich.   Ohne den AS Fuel Planer weiss ich nicht woher ich die Werte für Trim bekomme.  Warte jetzt ruhig auf das angekündigte Video. Danke CFG874 Bernd   
    • Diese Version hat keine Season Lib. deswegen geht es nicht, eiverstanden FlyAgi  Die alte Version 201 war da besser finde ich aber nicht mehr.  Oder ich versuche die Season library 101 nachzusetzen. 
    • As you are using EzDkok, turn off the internal vewing system in the Airbus in the options MCDU:   If that doesnt help, something else broke your installation. A fresh install of the Airbus should solve this.
    • So get rid of PTA or exclude it if possible for the Airbus. These shadertools are causing more and more problems. And the Airbus relies heavily on that what the latest version of P3D and its SDK delivers. And the A330 is one of very view (not the QW787 and not even PMDG) that uses 100% of that what the P3D SDK offers. And Aerosoft will not solve what others break.
    • Pierre, I know what you mean. This has been done to simulate the viewing angle of a pilot. But I understand that it is not the best solution when you move a view with, e.g. the OHP, to another monitor. Lets se what can be done.
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