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    • Hallo,   noch gleich eine Frage heute hinterher.....gibt es aktuell ein realistisches ATC Tool / Flugfunk für X Plane VR? 124ATC oder andere Programme wie Pilot2ATC usw funktionieren in VR ja offenbar nicht mehr ?   Viele Grüße
    • It could mean that or it could simply mean that an update is under consideration and not ready for news about it. Mathijs' response is the usual one for this situation. It's neither an indication that something will happen nor it won't. What he wrote describes the current status and if/when that changes you will likely see something about it on the preview forum, so no need to ask further.   BTW, since Jo Erlend Sund is the developer, he gets to decide about any updates and announcements. He's already beautifully updated Cologne/Bonn/EDDK for v5, so he's certainly familiar with what's needed for Tromso. Please just be patient.
    • The only tweak I was running was Rex TD+SC, which has been reversed. Resetting my Prepar3d.cfg didn't help. My GPU settings are stock except basic OC and making my monitor settings any brighter would just wash everything out. All other aircraft cockpits are normal.    If you share your settings I can replicate to rule anything out.
    • Then there is something else broken on your system. I strongly advice you to get rid of all tweaks/tools that change your system to look "better", leave everyting to default, including graphiccard settings etc. Also I suggest to calibrate your monitor.
    • Alle Treiber sind aktuell auf dem PC
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