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    • Another source for PACOTs, please update your subscription server.
    • Hi:   -Could you please add auto-step climb. -Could you please add an option to sync pilot/co-pilot altimeter settings.   Thanks!
    • Hi Mathijs:   Sorry.  It's the A330.  I think there is actually a bigger issue.  I believe the airplane is having issues with numerous calculations when operating in LBS.  I have in FMSG 3 (center counsel) the aircraft to operate in LBS.   But as you can see, there are lots of places where the weights are still displayed in KGS.   -Pic 1 is the fuel I was using for flight. -Pic 2 I was trying to enter the ALTN & FINAL numbers but kept getting the "Out of Range". -Pic 3 was taxi fuel of 1.2 lbs.  When I entered 1.2 it gave me 2.6.  I had to enter 0.6 and it gave me 1.3 -Pic 4 few issues.    -FMSG says I OPT for 390.  I believe that is too high for such weight of airplane.    -The center display is showing the fuel on board in KGS when it should be in LBS.    -Again, I have LBS selected but as you can see on the FMGS 3 (right side of pic) all units are calculating in KGS. I'm not sure if the airplane is calculating the weights correctly given it is trying to convert all my entries into KGS.
    • Hallo Marc,   danke für Deine Analyse. Du brachst keinen Wiederherstellungspunkt. Du kannst einfach das aktuelle Verzeichnis des SIMstarter umbenennen und die v1.9.2 installieren. Dann das "data" Verzeichnis in die neue Installation kopieren. SIMstarter basiert vollständig auf "Dateien", d.h. keine Magie...   Ich schaue mir das an.
    • I have updated both now My Aircraft is flying straight ahed and too fast. ignore Autopilot    
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