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    • Hello, I installed the new CRJ professional for v5 yesterday. Everything worked fine and I was able to fly around EDDK. I made a few changes in the EFB and saved them. Then I copied my flight plans from the directory of the v4 into the directory of the v5 version and wanted to start the Sim again. I didn't succeed. I see the different CRJ in the selection window for the plane but after choosing one of the CRJ  when I push the ok button to start the Prepar 3d v5 the screen is black. It does not freeze,  but closes prepar3d completely after a few seconds.   Since then I've tried everything. Multiple reinstallation, re-download from the store and reinstallation. In the CRJpro.cfg I tried different changes, like different default startups, different settings with EFBNavigraph = x and EFBCharts = x, deleted the prepar3d.cfg.  Nothing helps. All my other planes (AS A318-320, 330, Default Flieger, B 787, Dash 8 etc.) work without problems. I have the suspicion that it has to do with the settings for the maps in the EFB that I changed. But that should be overwritten when reinstalling. Or is there anything I have to delete manually?   This is what Windows shows me as error reporting:     My system: Windows 10 Version 1909 NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB VRAM 16 GB RAM Intel i7 3770 Prepar 3d v5 HF2    Anybody any idea what to do?    Best regards Uli    
    • So Leute, dass Update hat das Problem tatsächlich behoben! Also lieben Dank für die Hilfe!   LG Maurice ( :
    • Thank You Deputy Will try.   Bill
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Hi   I can report the same problems. Every time I touch the Geneva installer, I have to fix my addons folder. The scenery is beautiful, no doubt but one of the very cool things about Geneva are the Satellite terminals and rendering the gates useless with this SODE issue makes this a real disappointment. Will there be any improvement in this area in a near future? Because otherwise I feel like a reimbursement is reasonable to buy another scenery in the meantime and then re-buying the scenery when you get it working again.   Kind regards, Cristian
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