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    • Hey guys, when I set "Ground air traffic destinity" to zero, there is no plane at the airport when I start a game.   Is that normal, cause "Simple Traffic" has no history of data of planes which where already at airports? Only planes which will land, after starting a game will be visual at the airport?   Thanks for your effort!   Regards
    • Hi Garry   The 'Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)' setting is important because it determines whether the sim can use generic AI models as a fallback or not. Simple Traffic AI models are configured to be generic, so if you set 'Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)' to 'Off', then the sim will not select the Simple Traffic planes correctly.   For example, let's say the aircraft type ICAO code of a real-time flight is a B747. If you set 'Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)' to 'On', then MSFS will give precedence to selecting an exactly matching B747 AI model if one is installed, otherwise it will fallback to selecting an appropriate generic AI model (in this case, the Simple Traffic Quad-Jet) instead. Whereas if you set 'Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)' to 'Off', then MSFS will only display that real-time AI flight if you have an exactly matching B747 AI model installed, otherwise it won't display that AI flight at all. That's probably not what you want.   In AI Offline mode, the setting works in a similar way. If you want the sim to be able to select Simple Traffic AI planes as a fallback for other offline traffic plans (e.g. default MSFS offline traffic), then it will only do so if you set 'Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic)' to 'On'.   And lastly, since the offline traffic plans included with Simple Traffic call the Simple Traffic AI planes directly, the sim will only ever display Simple Traffic models (and not AI planes from any other add-ons) for those offline AI flights.
    • He said sorry ... Took responsibility ... has stated that fix is submitted to MS to be updated as soon as MS will update it....     Like they can not win ...  You don't give us updates fast enough ...  Now you did the update and something broke ... And you have already sent off the fix but I will never buy anything...   I can't imagine you have never made a mistake in your professional life and have delivered perfect every time...
    • No I was trying to understand what you were doing to see if I could also recreate it ..  but I will stop trying also create it in parallel (well once the update to the Marketplace version comes back) hope you get it solved for yourself.. 
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