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    • Just spotted the attached at Heathrow...appears to be two taxiway lines...is this a bug? Using P3D v5
    • Update…just remembered  the only thing i did differently was that i entered a hold at WILLO 284 left-hand turns and an alt constraint of FL70 ...i added FL70 to both of the WILLO entries so maybe the 2nd one confused things as I have just taken it out and I now get the correct VAPP  readings...will try it again later but won't add FL 70 to the 2nd WILLO entry .
    • Hi    I have done this route twice and twice its happened that i have odd characters for the VAPP ... the route is .. EGHQ-EGKK...departure runway 30....crz at FL250...DCT DAWLY N17 OTMET OTME1G runway 08R trans from WILLO  ...ZFW was 140.349 kgs and 12.469kgs of fuel set, it also seems to lose the descent profile, it happens even if i feel out the app page or leave it blank......WIN10...P3D 4.5 HF2 used and the latest A330 update, at first it all appeared fine till i flew some of the route then i got what is in the screenshot.     Thanks Rich
    • Thanks Dave. I will let you know if/when I complete my reinstall, but it will not be for a few weeks or months as I would only be doing this (if at all) for the purpose of installing P3Dv5 - when it has stabilized more. Everything currently on my system and simulator continues to work perfectly apart from the A330 and so I don't have the time to run through such a disruptive process (reinstalling OS,  P3Dv4.5, addons etc) to fix this single isolated issue.   I realize this is my decision and will impact my ability to fly the A330. If other things (at least one other thing!) were not working correctly, then this would help me justify a reinstall. However, I have been running my setup for a very long time without any other issues.   While being disappointed at the same time I do appreciate the ongoing attempts both Aerosoft and the community have made to resolve the problem.    Cheers     Tom
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