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    • By far my favourite Variant 😍
    • I installed the 1.0.5 patch today and started getting the issue where the screens will freeze while the plane still flies, or sometimes the whole sim will freeze requiring the task manager. Happens any time I select an approach. Tried ILS and RNAV. Additionally the airport I was flying to (KPGD) has arrivals listed on navigraph but they are unavailable in the sim. Re-loaded mid-air and loaded an arrival and approach into KMIA no problem, then reset the flight, tried a new destination seperate from the other two I tried and again froze when selecting the approach. It did let me select the ILS into KPGD while on the ground once, but any change in air causes a crash. I uninstalled the CRJ, deleted all the files in the packages > aerosoft crj folder, redownloaded the installer from the website, and still have the crash issue. Checking the CFG after install says I have the current version, so I'm not sure where to go next to troubleshoot, especially since all the other threads say this issue was solved an update or two ago.
    • Interessant: X-Plane 11.55? Woher hast du das (Schreibfähler)? Und der FFA320 in der Version 1.1.12 ist beta! Ich "arbeite" mit X-Plane 11.53, Toliss 321 und 319 in der jeweils neuesten Version sowie dem Traffic Global, ver. 1.1.0010 und habe keinerlei Probleme damit. TCAS funktioniert seit einiger Zeit ohne Abstürze! Der FFA320 ist seit Corona bei mir stillgelegt. Ich vermute, das der FF320 daran "schuld" ist. Wahrscheinlich hast du da aber schlechte Karten, mir hat FF jedenfalls verboten, E-Mails dorthin zu schreiben. X-Plane hatte in diesem Zusammenhang einen dokumentierten Fehler, der aber mindestens seit ver. 11.53 behoben ist. Guten Flug
    • If I recall correctly, the views themselves are hard coded.  You can edit the order they appear, or should I say "cycle through" views in the aircraft.cfg, but it is not possible to edit or change the views themselves.   What I recommend is using Chaseplane.  It's easily one of the veryt best applications ever developed for P3D and it's an application that you'll never regret purchasing.  In fact, I won't fly without it!   Best wishes.  
    • Sweet.  I was wondering if that symbolic link would work....Thanks!
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