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    • The busses both worked on p3dv5.1 all i done was upgrade to p3dv5.2 complete reinstall i've not changed the settings on my computer at all. When i checked the the error it says windows folder jit debugging error and i can't change that it also says when i searched it it's up to developer to change that not me, I have also followed most steps to resove this but still there.
    • Horst hat Recht,   wenn Madrid hier bei uns (Aerosoft) im Shop gekauft wurde, dann gibt es einen separaten Download im eigenen Kunden Konto. Dort unter Sofortdownloads nach Madrid schauen. Da gibt es dann 2 Zip Dateien: AS_AIRPORT-MADRID_XPLANE_V102.zip AS_AIRPORT-MADRID_XPLANE_OTHO4XP-PATCH.zip   In anderen Shops (Stores) muss das auch so sein. Wenn nicht dann am besten den entsprechenden Shop Support anschreiben. Das muss dann dort geklärt werden.   Oder auch hier noch einmal melden, wenn definitiv im JustFlight Shop das nicht der Fall ist. Ich versuche das dann einmal zu klären.   Gruß Heinz
    • Well, after some time, I landed to LSGG again and I have to report that suddenly – everything works perfect: The AI ATC controller surprised me when I heard his taxi instructions loud and clearly! I don't know why and how, it fixed it itself, and I'm happy about it. The changes that I made in the meantime are installing Aerosoft's EDDM and updating LDZA (also by Aerosoft). During that process ORBX Central lost its scenery insertion points, I noticed some mess in scenery library's hierarchy and I had to fix it. Maybe that made some consequence to LSGG too (although I didn't notice any problem in scenery library before). There is also still active masterhawk's substitute bgl file with airport's frequencies.   So far, so good.    
    • Holy Moly! Das ist kein Wunder. Der "Hotfix" hat schlicht nichts gefixt. Als wäre er gar nicht existent.
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