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  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. Please send us an email at support@aerosoft.com
  4. Regarding external serial numbers: Currently Aerosoft One only supports serial-keys that were exclusively created for Aerosoft One. This also means all previous purchases, which offer the purchased add-ons via installer, will not work. Right now Aerosoft One only supports serial keys for the following products and only from x-plane.org: - Airport Kassel XP - Airport Ben Gurion XP We realize this did end up confusing quite some users, so we will add an additional notice to the serial input popup in Aerosoft One with the next update. Best Regards, Julian Zameit
  5. why are the restraints not respected for this SID? for this reason, it calculates the wrong cruise ALT for me,since as soon as we take a cruise, at the same time we should already be declining... I am also using the newest AIRAC 2109 database and PFPX RAD Restrictions and Directs 2109.
  6. Good idea! I will add this feature request to our roadmap. By the way: with the upcoming version, you will be able to search via ICAO in the library. Best Regards, Julian Zameit
  7. Hi Richard, the profiles you are creating via the Configurator are completely independent from the X-Plane control system. Thats why you will also never see your "C172 6pack" in the X-Plane menu. You also have to make sure that there are no double bindings between the two control assignment methods. As soon as you have activated a profile within the Configurator and selected "Reload Bindings" from the Honeycomb in-sim menu its bindings will be active regardless of what you do via X-Planes control assignment method. Regarding learning resources, there are some sticky posts on the top of this subforum, plus we also have this channel with some introductory videos.
  8. Hi Raymond, nice that this problem got solved. The "reload bindings" currently needs to be used, in case you are activating a different profile via the external HC Configurator. Only "reload bindings" makes it the active one for the current simulator session. In the upcoming version 2.2 this step won't be necessary anymore, as there will be a direct link between the HC Configurator and the simulator. How far the T7 profile also works for the -300ER...I cannot really tell you. But my guess is that all the Bravo switches and autopilot LEDs "should" be fine. Maybe there is some inconsistencies with the other LEDs, though. If you try it out and find any problems...just let me know in here and we will see if we can work something out.
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  10. Does Aerosoft One replaces the Aerosoft Updater? I do have the latter v. - shall I uninstall it before installing One? Thanks
  11. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    I’ve seldom had issues with it appearing so I can confirm that is not the case. What route was it? Can give a try when I’m next on. Assume also VNAV page(s) filled in?
  13. You told me "All other resellers have access to the latest version from the moment it is being released" and simmarket just answer me: "Latest version uploaded by Aerosoft to our servers is, we will contact Aerosoft to upload new one" so please tune your violins with simmarket before to tell me lies. I am wasting my time. Regards
  14. Hallo Bob, hallo Oliver, vielen Dank für die Hilfe und die Aufklärung zum ILS05 auf Madeira. Viele Grüße Helmut
  15. Bonjour Je souhaite avoir l’Airbus A320/A321 dans une livrée Air France J’en ai vu une sur forum.aerosoft.com/.../file/2290-airbus-a-320-neo-ait-France-f-hepf https://forum.aerosoft.com/.../file/2290-airbus-a320-neo-air-france-f-hepf 02/11/2015 · Ce fichier ZIP contient une repeinture pour le package Aerosoft Airbus X A320 Extended CFM NEO, aux couleurs d’AIR FRANCE F-HEPF. Mais une autre immatriculation m’irait très bien. Cependant, pour cet avion, j’ai suivi les instructions Mais, quand je lance P3Dv4, et sélectionne aircraft, Airbus A320 NEO AIR-FANCE F-HPEG est sur la liste et lorsque je clique dessus « OK » j’ai : « Failed to startup the flight model... » Et après avoir cliqué sur « Close », j’obtiens un Airbus allant se crasher en configuration Cold and Dark (moteurs coupés) C’est la panique à bord !!!!!! Où ai-je bien pu me planter ? Merci de m’aider Je vous joins en pièce jointe le détail complet Michel Champion 1745977213_ErreurauChargementAIR-FRANCE.docx
  16. I just updated Zagreb to the latest version and noticed the bus texture is wrong. Have attached 2 pics below:
  17. Hi Luc, Great, I am happy everything is running fine now. Enjoy your flights.🙂 Best regards.
  18. So why Zagreb is not available on simmarket? Only is available...
  19. Add-ons located in the official folder are installed via marketplace, so I suggest to uninstall this version through the marketplace.
  20. All other resellers have access to the latest version from the moment it is being released.
  21. That's how Aerosoft serials are looking like. I'm only aware of an other format, where 3rd party devs handle the licenses themselves. About which product in specific are you talking?
  22. Glad you found the fix so soon! Here's a snipped from the manual's FAQs where we cover this problem: In fact MSFS seems to have a bug which doesn't allow manual temperature changes outside of "live weather", making it a bit hard to figure out from which temperature downwards exactly the sea shows frozen. As soon as we figured that out (after that bug in MSFS hopefully fixed) we are planning to insert a trigger that will make the "sea traffic" (boat, ship, whales...) disappear when the sea is frozen. Bests, Sascha
  23. Good to hear that it is working again! This is really strange and really a lot of trouble to fix it. But at least it is working now.
  24. Dave1399

    T.O.D. 2

    I've Found the trick is to type over an already published altitude restriction. Eg. Take a WP on a STAR or any waypoint and type in the same alt that was already there. I usually look for the lowest single altitude to retype. once i click exec wolla now you have a calculated and displayed TOD. Dave
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