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  1. OK, now: I just completed my second flight in the NGX to LGTS with 'Scenery complexity' set to 'normal'. And again from an VAS-intensive origin (Earth Simulations - Isle of Man). At the end, parked in front of the terminal, VAS usage was between 3.7 and 3.8. No OOM, no Windows warning sound or something like this. I even was able to change my aircraft to the Twin Otter Extended and I did a second VFR flight around the city. Can't believe it !!! And I can live with that changed slider setting. Emil, thanks a lot for your support! My problem is solved and finally I'm able to enjoy everything
  2. Emil, I don't know why but I used the wrong slider! I set 'Scenery complexity' to normal, not 'global texture resolution'. Sorry about. Anyway, it works so far. At the moment I make another test flight from Earth Simulations Isle of Man to Thessaloniki. I keep my fingers crossed... @ olli4740: Sorry, but this comparison is far-fetched! And if it's not possible to fly an 'heavy-weight' airliner like the NGX to an 'heavy-weight' LGTS, then Aerosoft should mention it in their product description. @ Mathijs Kok: Your argumentation is really inappropriate! By the way, I reformated my hard disk
  3. Emil, you wrote 'low' global texture resolution, I tried 'normal' instead and this works! VAS usage after landing was still very high (between 3.7 and 3.8) and maybe only one step away from the worst case, but it works (I used the same conditions as yesterday: identical aircraft, scenery, weather, time etc.). So, finally no warning sounds anymore, no texture loading problem and of course no OOM...
  4. Mathijs, with all due respect: I really need to start thinking about what? To be honest, in my case (Emilios confirmed my settings are good) it should be possible to make a flight from A to B without any OOM issues! Today I loaded a flight with the NGX at Taxi2Gate's MMMX Mexico City Xtreme (which is similar on it's area and scale to Thessaloniki) and VAS usage was aout 500 MB lower than loading a flight with the NGX at Thessaloniki. I say it again: I NEVER experienced an OOM before !!! And I did a lot of flights in the past and own a lot of sceneries... But now I will repeat my yester
  5. Have a look at my system profile (orange sysP-logo) via my signature. I don't use the latest driver in this case, because revision number 13.9 causes continually CTDs/black screens in FSX (it's a known bug) so I downgraded to 13.4. which is not much older. I don't care if it's boring or not - I'll try... if it helps!
  6. Yes, it's 'medium'. I have a VAS value of about 2.65 GB when loading a flight with the NGX at LGTS. Of course I've installed the latest updates for everything! Other important settings: - Filtering: anisotropic - Anti-aliasing: on - Global texture resolution: max - Aircraft cast shadows on ground: off - Aircraft cast shadows on itself: off - Mesh complexity: 50% - Mesh resolution: 19 m - Texture resolution: 60 cm - Water effects: Mid 1.x - Land detail textures: activated - Scenery complexity: Extremely Dense - Autogen density: normal - Ground scenery shadows: deactivated - Clo
  7. Emil, unfortunately the problem remains, even with your latest City Configurator (LITE II configuration)! But there's a difference: The OOM warning message doesn't appear, but every time when I'm approaching the city/airport I get this particular warning sound from Windows and the textures of FSX stop loading. VAS usage is still MUCH higher than with similar add-ons...
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