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  1. Note: Found out, HOTKEYS in options in the 3rd MCDU was enabled by default, that fixed it... imo it should not be on by it self, but thats a minor thing all good now!
  2. Whenever I get remotely bad fps (approx. 15-20), the plane becomes a bit buggy. thats not new, and I can survive, BUT. The Autopilot does also on its own change mode, for example by going from flying Managed Mode with FL370 selected, that I myself set, to suddenly ON ITS OWN going into V/S mode and making the plane climb/descend without "my consent" . this obviously is a problem for longhauls where I can't be at the pc throughout the entire flight.. how on earth can the plane change the autopilot on its own, just cause of bad FPS?
  3. I left the first station and now my tram is ded. help.
  4. I have discovered that when I use GSX to board and refuel, I get a litteraly red GWCG, and im not able to take-off or even lift up the nose a tiny bit. It helped to stop, set parking brake, and in the Load and Fuel tab, press "INSTANT"... just wanted to report
  5. I have the same issue in some planes, not all though. I flew LN-RKT (made by inibuilds) yesterday and it showed the correct reg.
  6. So I did a flight yesterday in the CRJ PRO, and ended with a CTD on approach. similar issued occured with the old CRJ. now after this, i went ahead and installed RAAS (the version included in CRJ PRO) and it did not crash the second time! also, i did not touch the navigraph charts as I saw a guy on youtube whos CRJ PRO crashed when he used the charts. its also worth noting my sim crashed as i was using the charts just wanted to report this
  7. I had forgotten to update the newest client, so sorry.. thanks for quick help!
  8. I am fairly certain, but let me try and pick up the newest p3d client (i suppose thats the most crucial one to have updated?)
  9. I installed the newest Visual C++ first, opened the CRJ, and still the same issue. then installed the June 2010 onto my desktop, opended CRJ, still same issue
  10. I just bought the new CRJ Prof. and after going through the installer (with anti-virus off and admin mode on), it gives all ok on regristration, but once in the cockpit, it shows up in the state it does when the plane isn't regristered. I have done 3 re-installs already, and not helping
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