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March Screenshot Competition

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yep nice high seas picture, here is my best one..

im joking but meets the requrement best as fs is nearly imposible p3d v2 might be good as it renders high sea as far as I have seen..

On the other hand why should other simers have option to enter, as it´s normaly most FS and i like it, but from other aspects as we move to a wide range of simulators..

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  • Administrator

As always you have shown great screenshots and it has been hard to pick the winners.

I'll keep the post short though ;)

So, here are the winners of March:

Maldives :excellenttext_s:


Good luck to all as usual - Some nice entries here...

My Attempt

SAR Over the high seas...


Contact us at support@aerosoft.com to get your prizes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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