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  1. Thank you! Texturing is indeed the hardest part of the job, I tried creating a Kefalonia's runway, modelling was very easy, texturing, it is certainly beyond me how developers like FSDG do it so well! Blender is very easy to use, a few Youtube videos and you really can get to understand it quickly. Plus, unlike expensive programs like 3DSMAX, its free! UV Mapping seems to be quite a clever function in Blender and have not had any issues with it. Getting the pictures for the hanger... I used Google 3D imagery to understand how the hangar looked, along with some images from google. In order to texture it, I signed up for Adobe Stock where I found some things such as the corrugated cladding for the hanger. I would love to design an airport but doing it without visiting it and relying on google makes it very difficult! Jacob
  2. It is indeed Manchester 😁
  3. Texturing isn't my strong point but one step at a time!
  4. Hello! I have started working on a 3d model of a hangar in order for me to learn 3d modelling on Blender. Can anybody guess which airport this very much work in progress hangar is from? Jacob
  5. ICAO: LGZA NAME: Zakynthos International Airport, "Dionysios Solomos" TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Live in FSX LINK: http://www.liveinfsx.com/ This is a great addon so it would be amazing if you could do Zante, Thanks!
  6. Please Could you do A video of a Thomson Airways 737 At Manchester Airport
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