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  1. Been waiting several years for this just made my day!
  2. Surprised to see no one has done the new N227FR livery yet for Frontier!
  3. all u have to do is look at the still and see that its an airbus, take it from someone who is an airline pilot who has been in the industry for awhile now and has actually physically sat in the cockpit on an airbus...dont always believe what you read on the internet...
  4. dude look at the guys lanyard, it says Avianca...and you think this is a 737? for real? come on man....on top of that Avianca runs a subsidiary under the same name callsign OceanAir in Brasil (http://en.wikipedia..../Avianca_Brazil) some research before you start typing
  5. How's it coming along? thanks...
  6. how about.... N664AV
  7. There used to be a Avianca repaint on here...wondering if Holgi or someone could redo unable to find it...if you need some inspiration a pilot from Avianca made this video
  8. thanks john couldn't find it in the search, had to go to your files and find it manually
  9. much appreciated if someone could do this! Please! http://www.airliners...cb58074ff0b36e9 http://www.airliners...cb58074ff0b36e9 http://www.airliners...cb58074ff0b36e9
  10. Any chance someone could do this?
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