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Upcoming FSGRW implementation

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Thank you so much for:

- Bringing my attention to this great weather tool

- Planned implementation of this weather source into PFPX

Maybe this could help you on the way to success: http://www.fly2pilots.com/fsgrw/files/PILOTS_FSGRW_DATA_EXCHANGE_DESC.zip

And don't forget to ask them if they could give you their "interpolation" routines, so the weather depiction would be 1:1 between FSGRW, FSX and PFPX

Would be so great to see this feature in one of the next releases.

That would be the time to dump AS2012 and switch to FSGRW


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Do you know Opus and PFPX use the same weather data source (Grib files from NOAA).

So the integration will concern only histotic or custom weather.

Hello Pierre,

The answer is yes, Opus downloads the Grib data to the users computer. On top of the things you mentioned, users who are not likely to extend their PFPX server subscription are interested in Opus integration.

Then back to the topic. Great to hear FSGRW integration is coming! Just a quick head up for other FSGRW users, PMDG 777 winds integration with FSGRW is currently under development :)

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which path should I give into PFPX for FSGW?


In FSGRW General settings, you have to tick "Data Exchange". After downloading weather the first time thereafter, you can find the current_weather.txt at this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\FSGRW\data\exchange\common

Edit: The file I mentioned seems to doesn't work for me. Anyone else with this error?

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OK, there is really a problem. FSGRW implementation DOES NOT work currently, when pointing to the exchange/common directory of FSRGW.

Also in the Weather setup tab there is a strange file name displayed ( current_weatherbylatlon.txtl ) in the weather setup dialog. But even renamng the file does not help.

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