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  1. Aerosoft and XP10! Yes Flight is a shaping up to be a big disappointment!
  2. +1 Isn't the FBW what makes the Airbus unique? So IMHO you must simulate the FBW properly and then you will have a unique product feature that no one else has! You have already stated that the systems are not going to be PMDG level of complexity so if I want complex systems I will continue to fly PMDG 747/MD11 and the LDS767. However if I want to experience the unique Airbus FBW experience then I must purchase the Airbus X Advanced version.
  3. MatthewS


    Hmmm I get CTDs too... I might try deleting my FSX.CFG and see how it goes with a default FSX.CFG
  4. By shutting it off does that mean you are then flying in DIRECT mode? In effect the Airbus then flies like a Boeing? Aerosoft what was the point? The FBW is so "lame" it has to be turned off to actually perform visual approaches. Sure its a very nicely model VC and external model. But its inexcusable that the FBW is so useless.
  5. Must have been an absolute mess months ago if after a 3 month delay it still has so many bugs!
  6. I do this... fly straight and level, flaps up, say at about 240kt. Push stick forward to maybe 5 degree nose down, release the stick. The nose doesn't stay where I pointed (at 5 degrees down) it but instead "drifts" back up a couple of degrees over about 1 to 2 seconds. Surely in the real aircraft the instant I release pressure on the stick the FBW should be trimming to maintain the exact pitch commanded?
  7. Win7 64 bit... Just pressing S and A keys to change views. The first time it happened I was pressing A to check out all the different views, from memory it CTD when I cycled all the way back to the first VC view. The second time I think I was just panning around in the cockpit with the mouse (mouse look enabled). Third time I crashed the plane trying to land. It switched to external view and then when it started reset the sim it CTD'd.
  8. Also I remember now why I never did like the default A320 FBW (and therefore the AirbusX FBW). It's because to me the FBW always felt "mushy" especially in pitch. You point the nose down gently and release the side-stick but then the nose tends to raise slightly. It requires constant "tweaking" get it to stay where you want. Now maybe that is realistic but I somehow doubt it. Surely when I release the side-stick the aircraft should maintain its current attitude and not move at all (until I guess overspeed protection kicks in?).
  9. Make that 3 times now... the last CTD was after I crashed trying to land.
  10. Well I bit the bullet and purchased AirbusX. Twice in 10 mins it crashed FSX about 5 mins into flight. All I was doing was panning around the aircraft, trying different views etc. Are others having CTD issues? Not impressed, although the VC and external modelling is very good.
  11. Great news re SP1. I've just purchased and am downloading now. Hopefully the FBW issues will be minimized/resolved soon. In any case AirbusX seems like a worthwhile product. Please keep up the good support!
  12. +1 I too would like to know how it compares to the real Airbus. Surely the FBW is the most important/unique aspect of the Airbus that should be simulated as close as possible.
  13. Not sure but I think Aerosoft used standard XML gauges and not custom written C gauges.
  14. Can we get a definitive answer from Aerosoft? Will the FBW be fixed or not?
  15. Does Aerosoft even acknowledge the 100ft FBW bug exists? AFAIK its because Aerosoft decided to use the default FSX FBW implementation which has the exact same bug! It would be nice if Aerosoft actually informs existing (and potential) customers when/how this bug will be fixed.
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