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  1. Thanks again Bjorn just had a short hop from LFPG to EGLL, As you say the PAX and payload were loaded in I loaded fuel from the printout via the FSX load manager. This aircraft makes a nice change from the FMC boings and airbuses but gives a bit more guidance then the CS 707 and 727. A delight to fly responds well to the flight commands and yoke. You can make a flight plan using Flight Sim Commander to fly the sids and stars as you plan the descent. Luvly Best regards Phil
  2. Thanks Bjorn thats cleared the muddied waters a little for me. So in the refuel gauge you have to set the desired amount yourself the configurator wont do it. Thanks Phil
  3. Hi Bjorn, Thanks for your speedy reply. yes I did click the "update cfg" button each time. Perhaps I am missing something when I start up the aircraft in FSX I some times get an overweight warning in the FSX load manager?? I was assuming that the configurator loaded the pax or cargo weights and then gave the fuel loading system gauge the correct amount of fuel and you adjusted the fuel onboard using that. When I open the gauge it is giving the max amount of fuel I have to adjust it manually to unload fuel to the amount on my printout then unload it using the gauge. What I have been doing is using the FSX load manager to set the fuel in the tanks and the payload weight as near as I can from my configurator printout it sort of defeats the object of having the utility. Also when do you run the configurator,,,, before starting FSX up or when you have the A300 at the gate? If you run it before starting FSX then start your situation using the default Cessna will this upset the load from the configurator i.e. will it try to load the Cessna. From what you are saying what should I see when the A300 is loaded and I open up the FSX load manager? Also what should the refuel gauge be showing?? Phil
  4. Hi, I have just purchased the A330 B200 latest vers from the Aerosoft download shop. My problem is when I configure the aircraft using the configurator utility it doesn't update the aircraft.cfg with the fuel load and weights at all. I am running Windows 7 64bit, FSX with SP1 and Acceleration. I am setting the path to the aircraft.cfg at the first step and starting the utility as an administrator, does it have to run in compatibility mode also? I have run the configurator before starting FSX at the flight setup screen; before selecting any aircraft and after selecting the A300 all to no avail. I start FSX using the default Cessna, I have also tried saving the A300 parked at the gate and loaded it that way from the flight screen. As far as I can tell I am following the correct procedures but it is just not updating. Am I missing something? I understood there was a problem with Windows 64 and the configurator but I thought that had been resolved? I should add that FSX is installed into the root of C: drive and not in the programs 86 folder. I also use xtreme pc to boost FSX this runs ok with all my other add ons that use a configuration utility so I can't see that being the cause. Can anybody advise?? Phil
  5. Hi Shaun, problem solved! I have moved Faro to below Heathrow on the scenery priority list, and now it works fine with Heathrow enabled. Thanks for your excellent advice. Best regards Phil Broadhurst
  6. Thanks for your reply Shaun, I do have SP2 installed. I have worked through my add on scenery as you suggested, and bingo, I have found Mega Airport Heathrow to be the culprit. With this switched on the black hole appears, with it off even with ALL my other scenery enabled inc add on scenery, Faro X displays ok. Do you know any work around for this problem. Regards Phil Broadhurst
  7. Hi Everyone, I have just purchased and installed the Faro X scenery into my FSX which runs in windows 7 64bit. However the area of the scenery within the airport perimeter fence displays as black with no ground or buildings. In a night scene the runway lights display. I have other Aerosoft airports installed and they all work fine just this one with the problem. I also have FS Global 2010 installed. I have uninstalled Faro X but still get the black hole Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phil Broadhurst
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