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  1. Seems this thread has grown a bit since my first post. Anyway, after the latest hotfix it seems like the AP is tracking the FMS course better than it did initially. I have not had any problems as of yet with the newest fix when it comes to departures, cruise and arrival.
  2. After a couple of flights, I have noticed that the AP is struggling to track the FMS course in NAV mode (yes, NAV source is set to FMS1). For each waypoint, the aircraft first turns opposite, and after that will turn left and right of track until eventually coming on track. It´s almost like it´s tracking VOR stations and is struggling when coming closer to each station. It does remind me of the KAP 140 auto pilot which does a rather terrible job of maintaining course, both VOR and GPS... I can't see anyone else commenting on this, so there is a possibility that I'm doing something wrong here. I´m using Prepar3D v4 with AS2016. Instead of posting another topic, here is another question: Is there any tables which gives you the required N1 setting for cruise? I could not find anything in the manuals.
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