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  1. Can confirm for me all works OK on the main screen(#1) but no mouse over function work if PFPX is moved to screen #2
  2. Ability to import a PFPX schedule file would be good?
  3. What OFP template are you using? Have a look through the 'download section' there are a lot of OFP templates there, all formatted and giving different data presentation depending on airline or user preferences I personally have 22 OFP templates, built up over the years ALL from here. Here is a SouthWest Airlines OFP, data displayed differently from the OFP above So, have a look around a find one that suits your needs OR make one yourself. As Phil has said, what REAL data are you missing; its all there in one format or another.
  4. That's no problem, at least those will get him started
  5. Cheers Tom, Forgot about them
  6. Hi All Does anyone know of any 'good' tutorials you tube or whatever, for a beginner who has just purchased PFPX Not for me btw, a colleague from Leonardo Software. He does not want a full dispatcher course, just something to get him up and running Many thanks
  7. alpha117

    PFPX v2 missing things

    MaddogX export is fixed in V2.03
  8. alpha117

    V2.03 where to download

    Why not on Christian's site, or is AeroSoft not bothered about users who were on board from day 1
  9. It's not on FlightSimSoft's web site, so where do we download it from for those that purchased from Christian direct before AeroSoft got involved? Thanks
  10. alpha117

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    No issues here when using AS as the current weather engine 1. Can you confirm that you have the 'TERRAIN' DB file in your Public Documents PFPX DATA folder 2. Can you confirm that you have setup PFPX to point to the correct Active Sky file, and if so does the AS file have the 'current data' in it? 3. Confirm that you did Run Active sky before you started PFPX?
  11. alpha117

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    Looks like the issue is when ANY alternate route is 'Direct', then you will be 'stuck'. Like I a m here, right now The way around this, until Christian gets around to fixing/changing this is to delete the DCT Alternates like so: Now you can complete the planning process. It's not perfect BUT is is a current work around
  12. alpha117

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    EFB export OK here
  13. alpha117

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    Hi All, The Maddog route export, still misses the last 2 waypoints from the PFPX route. Looks like the issue is with 'Directs' Exported route(MDR) KSFO KBOS/KPVD DIRECT TIPRE 38.205833 -121.035835 Q126 EKR 40.067444 -107.924950 J100 OBH 41.375736 -98.353592 J10 IOW 41.518963 -91.613251 J146 GIJ 41.768612 -86.318451 J554 JHW 42.188606 -79.121307 PFPX generated route
  14. I've just done KSFO > KBOS and the export on this route has missed the last 2 legs. Strange. OK, back onto it. @Stephen can you let Christian know, or do you want me to?