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  1. Building OCTAVE Template

    1. jules744


      Looking forward for it :) thanks !

  2. Pierre95

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Hi Phil, Ok, with pleasure. Thanks a lot Pierre
  3. Pierre95

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Hi jules, I own some real life Air france FP for A320, B747, B777 and even Concorde. I'll try to create an Octave FP. Can't tell you when but I'll do that.... Cheers Pierre
  4. Trying to help Support

  5. Pierre95


    Version 1.0.0


    Air-Child (Fly for Children) VA OFP template.
  6. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    The AES mystery grows up. After installing 2 new airports (PHNL and WSSS), AES 2.20d works fine now everywhere and without any other intervention from my side..... Very odd but all is good. Thanks Pierre
  7. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    After new tests, originals FSX aircraft works well. PMDG MD11 has CTD or stop after "Please release parking brakes". This occurs only with tug cars having hydraulics forks. connect bar equipped cars works well. So, brakes seems not be at issue origin. Could you see that please. Best Regards Pierre
  8. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    Thanks for reply i'll try this and back Cheers Pierre
  9. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    I haven't had reply for the post #16 issue. I've tried to reinstall V 2.20d but the same issue was back. Pushback driver says "please release parking break".... I do that, but nothing happens. I must press F1 to cancel pushback. Then the vehicules disappear but the diesel rumble continue and the dialog box stay with "F1- Cancel pushback". I have tried all the fixes you've said but nothing change.... please help me..... Pierre
  10. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    Sorry, I have CTD one time on three after tested the fixes proposed. So I must go back to AES 1.14. Pierre
  11. Pierre95

    AES 2.20d: Bugreports post her

    Hi, Thanks for version 2.20D. I have the same Issue than Ely (Post#2), but with V2.20D Pushback stops after "Please release parking brakes"...... in EDDK gate F3 PMDG MD-11 Ge I have to say i use Radar contact and I am under FSX W7 64. I have to say: Only occurs with no-bar-towing-car. Maybe it help Thanks for help. Pierre
  12. Fixed after reinstall SFO Thanks Pierre
  13. I think so. I try to reinstall it ans back.... Thanks Pierre
  14. Hi, I'm under FSX acceleration and the scenery is a download one of Flightbeam Best Regards Pierre