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  1. Hi, I already have 2 of the 3 sceneries in this bundle (Ibiza, Mallorca), is there a cost effective way to “upgrade” to the bundle or would I have to pay full price for the Menorca scenery? Many thanks.
  2. I love this print-out feature! I would only ask that the clip be positioned more carefully on the paper so all the text is readable (for example the QNH for EHAM is obstructed). Keep up the good work guys.
  3. Not much of a GA flyer but this Porter looks awesome! Well done Marcel, count me in!!
  4. Picked these up, thank you very much!
  5. deetee

    CRJ updates

    Thanks Max, I thought there was a separate update rather than a full installer. I'll know for next time!
  6. deetee

    CRJ updates

    Hi there, I see on the web that the JRollon CRJ-200 is now up to v1.4.5 - will this update be available on the Aerosoft site for customers? I don't see any updates right now and the main installer when I purchased was 1.4.3. Thanks!
  7. deetee

    The "Flying car"

    Hi guys, what about the Seamax? There is also an X-Plane version by Jrollon who make the CRJ. Dave.
  8. deetee

    Aerosoft RadioStack X

    This looks great! Will it be usable in both portrait and landscape mode on the iPad? A lot of iPad cases can be used as desk support stands but only in landscape.
  9. deetee

    Lost my Landing Lights

    OK this is getting silly! Here is a screenshot of the AS Airbus X on the runway with landing lights and nose lights in TO config... Below is a competitor's Airbus... The landing lights are clearly visible on the competitor's, so why can't the AS bus's look like that? In all other respects the AS is a stunning model, so something is clearly wrong. Best, David
  10. deetee

    Lost my Landing Lights

    Hello Andy, the effect is very subtle indeed, a bit too subtle unfortunately. Lighting the runway is one thing but the external landing and taxi lights should be bright enough to see from miles away. Not sure what the philosophy is here but I am tempted to add the Shockwave lights just to get that intense effect we should see. Great bird but please slap some lighting on her! Thanks Dave
  11. deetee

    AES- new airports?

    This looks like a fantastic product, however the conception of only being able to use a limited amount of 3rd party airports severely handicaps the sales possibilities. From the start AES should be compatible with all default airports in FS2004 that have scenery (not sure how many there are; 15, 20?). That alone would win over many potential buyers who would then go on to buy 3rd party airports as a consequence. I for one do not see the point in buying AES if I am obliged to buy additional airport scenery just to get a minimum of use out of it. A shame as I would have snapped it up otherwise !! Here's hoping this will be corrected in a new version.