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  1. So this isn't Calum from FSElite asking... this is Calum, the patient consumer asking. This was a project, that at one point, was supposedly going to be released in 2015. We're in 2019 now and still no possible end in sight. I'm frustrated because this is an aircraft so desperately missing from our libraries. Despite my continued disappointment, I do have some genuinely questioned since you were kind enough to allow us to ask them. What is the actual status of the current product? You spoke a lot about some of the odd bugs, but where is the project at? I feel like it's been done 'from the ground up' numerous times. There appeared to be a functional aircraft many years ago according to YouTube videos posted by a beta tester. I heard rumours that multiple developers had left the project. Any truth in that? If yes, how has this impacted development? Have you considered hiring more developers if having only 3 people on the project will continue to delay the development further? I appreciate that the project Stefan has been pulled on is of importance to Aerosoft, but does that mean the A330 isn't as important? Who made that decision? Doesn't feel very community orientated. (P.S. I understand that things happen and priorities shift...) Service Pack 1 was promised "weeks" after the original release of the A320 Family. Now you're saying that it's not going to happen but instead have sporadic updates. What progress was made on SP1 in the first place and why haven't they been issued already before announcing this type of statement. (https://i.imgur.com/snG0C8V.png) Will you be issuing any kind of refund or apology to those expecting to see the updates previously promised? You have previously mentioned in the past that PBR will come but at a cost to the consumer. How do you respond to that when other aircraft developers are releasing PBR content free of charge? Leading on from the previous question - PBR is being treated by other developers as enhancements, not whole new paid for packages. It concerns me that we'll start seeing the aforementioned updates charged for in the future. How do you respond to that? If a 'config' file is all you need to change, why haven't we seen the A330 released at the same time as the 320 Family and then you issue updates as mentioned? Or you inferring there are still over 500 bugs in the A320 series as well? Do you think that Aerosoft's reputation as a reliable aircraft developer will be impacted by the continued delays and still unfixed issues with the aircraft? As the project manager, what are your KPIs / goals for delivering projects in a timely fashion? I am asking because frankly, I haven't seen any accountability for any of the delays or broken promises. There are people out there buying products with clear communication that 'update X will follow', yet now it's okay to say we're going to do it differently. I'm legitimately surprised that things have slipped through the cracks yet again and all these status updates pretty much say the same thing. I honestly thought your latest update post would be something more of good news. I hope this post doesn't get deleted and I get a proper response from the people I'm addressing this to, not the moderation team who don't have a hand in the project management side of things. Just for complete clarity, I'm not actually bothered by a delay. I know it happens and I understand there's a lot of moving pieces. What bothers me is how it's handled, the inconsistent messaging from Aerosoft and just how out of touch I feel Aerosoft are with the community as a whole. I am aware you have loyal customers (you made sure of that), but there's also a whoooooole bunch who would like to see Aerosoft a lot more accountable for what's going on.
  2. I've removed the article in question and in contact with Mathijs.
  3. I think you misunderstand. I really don't care if you're doing TFS along with 60 other developers. I'm just curious as to why Gran Canaria seems pushed to one side whilst development of TFS has taken over it. Did TFS start before GC? If there's two developers, why not focus both resource onto the one project and bring it out. And nobody has mentioned what the status of GC is, despite all this, which is what is concerning me the most. Do you have a time frame?
  4. Sorry if my memory doesn't go back to 2002. I'm writing to you, the developer of this project and the developer of Tenerife Sur, what the status is of this one. I'm not asking you to stop developing anything - just want some clarity. This project was announced in 2016, yet another airport will be released before it - so I was questioning if there was any updates. Unless of course, development of Canary Islands Tenerife Sur started in 2002 and it has taken you 16 years to make. In which case, I'll pop by in 2032 when hopefully Gran Canaria will be ready.
  5. I think it's fair to now ask where this project stands considering the same developer just announced another Canary Island scenery in the works (for next month).
  6. Hi there, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but wasn't sure where else to put it. I noticed that Pisa X is no longer available to buy. Any reason why? I know someone who's already brought it, but will he be able to redownload it in the future even though it's not around for sale. Many thanks
  7. Haha! "Maybe August". Could you also change the name of the product to reflect the 2018 Edition. May help some users?
  8. He didn't hear, but this list suggests the A320 2018 Edition is coming out in August: This is why I posted above asking which product was being released in August.
  9. I imagine this has been answered, but I can't find a clear answer, so if someone can help I would appreciate it. Is the A320 2018 Edition is this the same as the one stated in the compatibility list? If so, is this planned for an August release? Or is the current line of A320 family the one stated for August (with support for P3Dv4)? Equally, the previews posted here, are they from the 2018 version or the one releasing in August. Sorry if this has been answered - just want to be 100% clear.
  10. Thanks for this. Didn't realise it was considered a runtime issue Will have a look now!
  11. I'm still having issues with selecting "add new aicraft" I click the icon, but the selection becomes transparent and then does nothing. I've done a fresh install of 1.28.8 and nothing works. Also get a CTD when I select FIND ROUTE in advance options.
  12. I'll ask and find out for sure, but pretty sure it's only really audiable in the cabin. Just want to point out I was referring to the A319/A320 series.
  13. Actually, it is related to the emergency exit lighting. When the gear is up, the emergency lights at the doors go out, as well as a ding in the cabin. It's a chime for the cabin crew to know when critical phase of flight has ended / about to take place. (at least it is at my airline)
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