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Beyond 1.20

Mathijs Kok

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as has been voiced by others, lets get the current itteration 1.20 updated to work properly before you invest time in making it more complex, i just tried from Tampa to st marten, after commencing descent after over an hours flying the sim crashed with a fatal error , this really winds me up, in a normal world there are times when airbus x can be described as unfit for the purpose it was designed.

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I will buy it for sure !!

and here's some ideas:

-ADIRs simulation

-I was gonna say weather radar (but I guess this is even beyon PMDG like simulation :P)

-Random failures, maybe add a good fire and cargo system along with Gen1 line

-If random failures is an option, then circuit breakers (like the maddog's md88) would be nice

-RAT would be literally AMAZING, but i have no idea whether it's within fsx compability or not...

-A real brake accumulator with a 7 presses limit, also if the random failures is an option to go for :D

-Air Data and DMC switching, guess what? in case if the random failures is an option :P

-Levels of brightness for the EIS, not just dim and bright

-A cockpit door switch that is clickable, won't do much with fsx, but it's nice to see that most of the buttons and switches are operable

-ECAM STS button

-A functionable gravity gear extension

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and i also wnt to see this type of cockpit : post-35682-099653500 1294392174_thumb.jp

maybe as a compensation for all of the bugs!!

And there should be a manager where we can choose cockpit type!!

And please again A330 and a340 :)

Real terrain radar!

And more cockpit lights !!

Regards Marcel

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Well so far I'm kinda pleased with the Airbus X!

Yes, I love the A320 and how it has been modelled by Aerosoft and YES it consummes way to many frames in comparison with other A/c! (e.g. QWsim 757)

Before making an advanced version I'd like to see the present A320's flaws wiped out. (5 more fps would be wonderful)

P.S.: It's been said that Aerosoft is performing a "C-Check" on its Airbus X.ph34r.gif

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my wish list for the Airbus X Advanced:

(it mostly includes the usual, but I'm stating nevertheless)

- Full (within reason of course) system simulation (this includes FBW, flightplan, automation etc etc...)

- basic failures modelled (engine fire, engine out, hydraulics or electric failures etc)

- A318 and A319 would be nice, but not a necessity for me, although the -18 would go nice with London city airport.

as for visuals, I would like to see a couple of changes over the current version:

- taxi light widened (a little broader, and a little less bright, when taxiing, I can hardly see the taxiway now)

- full specular mapping (for the fuselage at least, the engines already have this, if I'm not mistaken). I already brought this up when repainting the alpha and beta version of the bus, but never got any feedback or response. full specular mapping is just a luxury for most white-based liveries, but it can really make a difference on colourful liveries or very dirty liveries. This of course only if frame rates don't suffer too much from it.

Well, that's my view on things. Even though I own the Airbus X for quite a while now, I just today did my first decent flight (4 and a half hours) with it, and I loved it! most problems encountered were due to my incompetence or inexperience. Thanks Aerosoft.

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I would like to see a proper SID&STAR-integration, a realistic FPW-system and aircraft-behaviour and more possibilities to interact with the waypoints(like Alt. etc.) which are entered in the MCDU.

Things like wingflex, terrain- and wheatherradars, further models and 2D-cockpitpanels are totally unimportant for me.

All in all the current airbus is ok. In my opinion just some more things has to be added and other things has to be corrected.


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Well since we're talking about preferences and options, I'd like to add mine!

1. I'd like to be able to see the winglights on and working.

2. Full MCDU functions with decent Vapp speeds!

3. An updated Take-Off sheet configurator.


5. Correct Sounds! (e.g. Passenger Signs, Gear up chime)

and finally I just want the usual flaws to be fixed!

Hope my inputs will be taken into consieration!happy.gif

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