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  1. Can we get a feedback from aerosoft about the plan for an extendet version? The Airbus X is on market now for about 2 Months and till yet there is no specific statement about an extendet version only the thread for community ideas without any comment since 16th september. Looking forward to an approximation! thx
  2. I know, but it belongs to the daly job of pilots. I've never heard a pilot who says: "Dear Passengers, pleas do not applauding after landing. Only when the situation was dangerous. I'll tell you if ;-)"
  3. Ahh, sorry for that question but do you mean, that the extended Version of Airbus X will also not cover the enthusiast requirements?
  4. Hopefully you will never do any mistakes on your job, otherwise you wouldn't get any money. I know i will get a fully functional Airbus X. Come on, it will take a few days and nobody is talking about the teething troubles. It's not like I've payed for a product and will never hear anything from the seller. We all know, that they are working hardly to fix the bugs and they will release updates step by step. Damn you must MS hate. np
  5. Befor the man here starts crying. Again, with explanations, see the the footnote. *** This is a smily and means: just kidding. So, please don't annoy me... I know that enough people are testing the new Version at the time. I try to give/put constructive help/posts in this forum. And If you would look, you would see this. So, somtime I should be able ask for a thing.
  6. Is throttling without using FSCIPC working?
  7. Just registered my copy. I thought that would be done automatically on buying the product in the shop. Ok, so, now any chance to get the test version (unsupported)? ;-)
  8. Oh, and i forgot an important thing. Preflight Tools: - Calculating needed fuel weight depending on the planed route, distance, flight level, cost index, ... - For those people who want to costomize parameters for performace reason it would be nice if i could set the fps of the panels
  9. Honestly I must say, I'm comparing the Airbus X with the Wilco Airbus. Because the system depth of the MCDU in WilcoBus is simply great. If you speak about an extented version I think about a plane with a complex system depth. So I would expect: - A fully functional MCDU. At least included the functions like the wilcobus have. (BTW. There are already some menus the wilcobus doesn't have and thats nice) - An own Fly by Wire system, with more real Airbus characteristics - A non fsx compatible electrical system ;-) - Selecting RWYs, SIDs, STARS, TRANSITIONS, ... everything a real pilot could do for navigation. - A318 and A319 models Nice to haves would be - More sounds (speaking passengers, applausing passengers, cabin communication with the service team) -> Features for the feeling - And, lol, another key assignment ;-) I wouldn't have a problem if the framerate is going down. Complex algorithms need cpu power - Ok - So I'll fly with only 18-20 fps. Thats practicable too.
  10. Thanks RayM And yes, you could also do this for the key combination SHIFT+6,+7,+8,+9. It's your choise. The main principle is the following. There are 10 Hotkeys defined in the FSX System called HotKeySelect 1,2,3,...,10. These Hotkeys have corresponding names in the Key Assignment menu of the FSX Options. HK 1 = Virtual Cockpit HK 2 = 2D-Cockpit Panel HK 3 = Outside view (fixed observer) HK 4 = Camera 4 / Bird view HK 5 = Camera 5 HK 6 = Camera 6 HK 7 = Camera 7 HK 8 = Camera 8 HK 9 = Camera 9 HK 10 = Camera 0 With this knownledge you can assign every cameradefinition to any key combination. Simple assign keys for Camera 0 - 9, VC, Outside, 2D-Cockpit in the fsx options key assignment menu. Now edit an aircraft.cfg and set HotKeySelect = x to the [CAMERADEFINITION.xxx]. For example: Assign Camera 5 to SHIRFT + 7. You've just assigne SHIFT + 7 to the Hotkey 5. Now edit the aircraft.cfg and look for the camera definition you wish to activate if you press SHIFT + 7. Insert/Change the Option HotKeySelect = 5 into/in the camera definition. And it will work.
  11. Ok, i got it. It's quite simply. The trick is to assign the 3D camera view ports to the hotkeys 5. - 9. In the standard camera.cfg (fsx options folder) there are 4 Standard camera view ports defined. Virtual Cockpit = F9 = Hotkey 1 2D-Cockpit = F10 = Hotkey 2 Outside view = F11 = Hotkey 3 Bird view/Camera 4 = F12 = Hotkey 4 1. The first thing you have to change are the Hotkeys for the camera perspectives in FSX key assignment menu. Change the Hotkey for camera 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I've set the following assignments: Camera 5 = STRG + SHIFT + 1 Camera 6 = STRG + SHIFT + 2 Camera 7 = STRG + SHIFT + 3 Camera 8 = STRG + SHIFT + 4 Camera 9 = STRG + SHIFT + 5 You could also use only SHIFT + [digit], but this would override the keys for the 2D-panel views and is not recommended if you want to fly other planes with 2D-Panels. So STRG+SHIFT+[digit] is a nice alternative. 2. Open the aircraft.cfg with an editor (notepad, notepad++,...) and scroll down to the section with the camera definitions (For the Airbus 321 CFM it starts on line 527. At the end of the first camera definition [CAMERADEFINITION.000] ("GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL") you'll find the line Hotkeyselect = 1. And this is the sticking point. Set the following options to the camera definitions [CAMERADEFINITION.000] Hotkeyselect = 2 ... [CAMERADEFINITION.001] Hotkeyselect = 9 ... [CAMERADEFINITION.002] Hotkeyselect = 6 ... [CAMERADEFINITION.003] Hotkeyselect = 7 ... [CAMERADEFINITION.004] Hotkeyselect = 8 ... Out comment all other lines with Hotkeyselect = x at all other camera definitions by putting in two // at the start of the line. Save the file -> Start FSX -> Load the Aircraft -> And it should work. You have now the following key assignment F9 = Virtual Cockpit F10 = GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL F11 = Outside view F12 = Bird view STRG + SHIFT + 2 = ECAM VIEW STRG + SHIFT + 3 = PEDESTAL VIEW STRG + SHIFT + 4 = OVERHEAD VIEW STRG + SHIFT + 5 = MCDU VIEW This will give you nearly a standard panel switching function.
  12. Ahh, ok, I understand... I'll look to the aircraft.cfg and will try to modify it. Hope this is the only modification point
  13. Thanks for your reply Mathijs. So, no chance to get my logic work on the Airbus X or at least is there a way to modify the config for my self? I think you could switch to more views within less clicks/keys faster as now.
  14. I write this post into the global Airbus X Section, because there is no sub forum for discussing that. So, yesterday i've bought the Airbus X and - with no comment - i just say, well done guyes. ;-) But there is one thing I'de like to see a bit improved. It regards the view port and the related key assignment. I know it's the result of droping the 2D-panels, but i don't know why you have decided to assign the key as they are now. To place corresponding view ports for replacing 2D panles is a very good idea but I think you should do this with a better key assignment. I'de like to explain it. The standard user of fsx knows the typical keys: F9 -> 2D Panel F10 -> VC F11 -> External View F12 -> Bird perspective And for switching through the 2D panels he's using the SHIFT+1, -2, -3, ... combinations. Why have you changed these assignment? When I'm flying, I alway want to switch to the external view. You know, for taking screenshots or lookig around to see the nice VFR scenery. I don't want to press two or more keys to switch to a special view e.g. don't want to use mouse for switching the views. IT's simply unquickly. I've seen that I get a message when using key combinations like SHFT+1,-2,-3,.. So, you're catching these events. My suggestion. Would it be better to assign the following key combinations? F9 -> GLARESHIELD MAINPANEL F10 -> Standard VC View. Btw. At the moment you can't switch to this view with one key or you have to go via rightclick menu, which can be dangerous in stressfull situations. F11 -> Standard External View F12 -> Bird view SHIFT+1 -> GLARESHIELD MAINPANEL SHIFT+2 -> ECAM View SHIFT+3 -> PEDASTAL View SHIFT+4 -> OVERHEAD PANEL View SHIFT+5 -> MCDU View With these assignment you could switch to every view you want with one key press. And I think it would be easyear for everyone to come familiar with the new plane. Greets Marcel
  15. I thought aerosoft is talking/working together with MS to build a new simulator respectievly take the initiative to build a new simulator? However. I'm curiouse about it. Lets see whats happening if two new simulators will come up to market. Which is the better one in graphics, physics, needed system power, ....! I think we should not talk about marketing strategy or what a company is telling customers about a new product Mathijs. Because everyone has it own. Sometimes it's better to tell something about development steps, sometimes not. Everyone should know for himself when/if he is releasing status informations. You are flown 40k miles in the last few moths... and so on, but you don't know what MS was doing the last few years. Simple watch to the internet. This forum on its own is already a huge source for finding out what customers what. I think to be open is good, to be open as possible can bring disatvantages. We all know the community is impatient and we know how a community is responding to something is going wrong or - the average case - something is taking more time. I think it was the perfect time to tell the world, that a new simulator will come. Also some people say that it will be an arcade game. I don't think that, because its written in the first press statemant of it all: "...welcoming everyone, including long-time fans...". Logically MS will catch the whole gamer world and not only the "small pro sim house". So they have make something that will bring fun and us professionals provide a new high level plattform for intensive flight experiences at the same. The first thing is done: "Cut off the word simulator", the rest will give us a new experience ;-) PS: Even though the new MS Flight is yet in an alpha stadium, don't think it will need much time. Simply think about the first beta of Windows 7, it was almost the final version.
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