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  1. When it will be release?
  2. Oke but I have still problem about airbus's throttle What can ı do this problem??
  3. Hello Shaun windows 7 fsx installing in at >program files(x86)/microsoft games/Microsoft Flight Simulator x How I can do it Thanks
  4. Hello Paul Problems are fsx and airbus FSX's problem is not open fsx menu its going direct to flight Airbus's problem is throttle.it is not working. I have logitech 3DPro joystick but I'm not using with airbus x What is problem? I don't know:S
  5. I dont understand all problems :S Help meeeee:(
  6. Hello SHAUN I have a logitech3DPro joystick but I dont use its with airbus x I said first line I have a new computer it has windows 7 I installed Flight simulator X after I ran it but FSX's menu is not open it's direc to flight I dont understand this problem I was using Vista I have not problem with vista and airbus x My computer packerd Bell intel core i5 480M ati HD 5650 1GB Windows 7 home premium 6gb ddr3 memory THANKS
  7. I'm use Flight Simulator classic but my on the flight simulator x box's windows section (vista and xp) so I click to fsx but it is direct to flight not open fsx menu .which I'm to complete it -I dont use airbus throttle with joystick and keyboard:S what is problem I using windows 7
  8. is it will be for basic airbus x ?
  9. KML

    THY 321 IAE

    dAVİD thanks for e-mail very very much I said about aircraft deficiencies
  10. Aersoft build up is basic edition? so basic will be such as advanced with update??
  11. KML

    THY 321 IAE

    Cenk düzeltmeler yapılmış mı benim pc arızalı:S bakamadım 1- uçağın alt bölümündeki gri boya yeri yüksek olmuştu 2- lale deseni kısa olmuş ben bakamadım
  12. KML

    THY 321 IAE

    David thanks for work have a nice job deficiencies; 1- (*** flower was short***) 2- Aircraft's under grey section is little high
  13. KML

    THY 321 IAE

    TAIL FIN's color is not true sir!! THY has not this symbol
  14. Thank u sir;) Aersoft build up is basic edition? so basic will be such as advanced with update
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