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  1. Oh thank you SO much Holgi You did an awesome job here... a million thanks
  2. oh did he mean the arabic letters? if so, thanks wicktus ps. the pic. in the link you posted, have a minor error... it should be للطيران not الطيران (notice the first 2 letters? that's a whole different meaning ) correction: the 2nd screenshot Holgi made, have the arabic letters written right. thanks anyway
  3. looking great thanks Holgi for the screenshots
  4. just checked, no it's not italic, see different view angle and the orange font is the standard "Lucida Sans", someone said
  5. yeah, i asked on yahoo answers like i did with the first one, but no response yet
  6. well there it is, found it Copperplate-Gothic-Bold-BT there's many other fonts there too. ps. i found this large logo with a transparent background, thought it may help in anything... i don't know logo
  7. found one, "Copperplate Gothic Bold" CopperplateGothicBold.gif what do you think ?
  8. I will try to look for it now.. hopefully will find a close thing to it
  9. any news? no rush, just want to know if there's progress
  10. I give my vote to the light blue one if anybody decides to make it, it's a nice livery really and don't worry cenkcnk, i'm sure somebody's gonna make it
  11. I definitely agree with you, thank you Holgi
  12. check Holgi's website, he got all his repaints there Click here a wonderful collection
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