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  1. Oh thank you SO much Holgi You did an awesome job here... a million thanks
  2. oh did he mean the arabic letters? if so, thanks wicktus ps. the pic. in the link you posted, have a minor error... it should be للطيران not الطيران (notice the first 2 letters? that's a whole different meaning ) correction: the 2nd screenshot Holgi made, have the arabic letters written right. thanks anyway
  3. looking great thanks Holgi for the screenshots
  4. thank you Holgi:) a million thanks
  5. just checked, no it's not italic, see different view angle and the orange font is the standard "Lucida Sans", someone said
  6. yeah, i asked on yahoo answers like i did with the first one, but no response yet
  7. well there it is, found it Copperplate-Gothic-Bold-BT there's many other fonts there too. ps. i found this large logo with a transparent background, thought it may help in anything... i don't know logo
  8. found one, "Copperplate Gothic Bold" CopperplateGothicBold.gif what do you think ?
  9. I will try to look for it now.. hopefully will find a close thing to it
  10. any news? no rush, just want to know if there's progress
  11. I give my vote to the light blue one if anybody decides to make it, it's a nice livery really and don't worry cenkcnk, i'm sure somebody's gonna make it
  12. I definitely agree with you, thank you Holgi
  13. check Holgi's website, he got all his repaints there Click here a wonderful collection
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