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  1. I had to set Throttle Axis1 and 2 to the same control on my Thrustmaster Airbus stick, then set dual throttle in the EFB.
  2. Not flown the CRJ in a long time due to the issues, looking forward to an update for the aircraft so i can use it correctly.
  3. As the lead developer for a large UK retailer, We would never give progress information about finding a bug and how we fix it, we would put out a fix when it has been tested and its ready with comments "BUG XYZ Should no longer happen" or something along those lines, they only people who would see any progress etc on JIRA would be the other devs involved and the project leads, the end users (some 12000 staff in our case) would not be informed as to the progress.
  4. Yes I do, I've got about 15 years of flight sim experience and real world hours towards PPL also. The nose just wants to stay up.
  5. Tried 20 approaches all into EGGP and had the same issues as before, GS nose diving (15 out of 20 approaches) and huge amounts of pressure needed to get the nose on the ground as it just wants to stay up, all on speed and weights etc as should be.
  6. Still have the same issue with the nose not wanting to come down without a lot of forward pressure
  7. At Gaya LIRQ I seem to have a 50% success rate with the GS, sometimes still nose diving, others works ok.
  8. I have now managed 6 flights (LFSB to LIRQ) all with zero pitch or ILS issues, What i have also done is leave all Anti Ice on from the moment im ready to go on the runway.
  9. Ive managed to do 3 flights in a row by enabling dev mode and then reloading the aircraft, this also gets rid of any micro stutters and seems to give better FPS.
  10. Thank you for confirming the strange ground handling behaviour on touch down, it's every time I land the nose just wants to stay in the air, right down to 50IAS or even less at times. You have to force the nose down.
  11. So we should turn off icing all together? That would seem the solution and asobo then need to fix the icing
  12. You can't make sure the elevator has zero pitch when landing though?
  13. A other thing I'd like to add is how the nose will stay pitched up after landing at like 50ias and you have to command a lot of forward stick to bring it down, surely this relates directly to the super responsive elevator?
  14. Followed all of these as seen them many times over the past few days.
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