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  1. Sounds reasonable to me! The 1st as a routine update and the 2nd as an extension to the Airbus X "basic"?!
  2. Hello Finn, It looks like you've been quite active in this thread for now, and so I have a single question I would like to have answered if possible!? I have touched this topic already once, but haven't received a straight forward answer... Is the Aerosoft Team capable of implementing the winglights? With winglights I mean the lights illuminating the engine intake and the wings leading edge (slats)? Please give me positive feedback, because for the exterior model to be complete this is the last accessory missing!!! Hoping for 3 greens, Rocketeer
  3. YEAH!!! This is great news! My eyes have been craving to see this thread since someone first mentioned the Airbus Advanced! Good luck! Waiting for three greens, Rocketeer
  4. Hi Mathijs, I am well aware that the lights you've used in your Airbus X are the best I have experienced in FSX so far, and I'm not surprised that this was very hard work. Although there might be a lot of work and re-engineering to do, it would definitely be an awesome upgrade and bring us closer to the airbus feeling. Many developers, such as CLS or QWSim, were able to integrate the winglight system into their aircrafts, but I understand that the lights à la Aerosoft would certainly be a challenging task. Anyways I do hope the brains behind this project will come up with a solution of some sort. Hoping for three greens, Rocketeer
  5. When I was refering to winglights, I meant the lights mounted on the front part of the fuselage, then when turned on illuminate the slats. This is mostly standard procedure upon takeoff and/or landing, in order to check for any ice-build up etc.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply Shaun! YES, it would be swell and greatly appreciated if you'd look at the persisting problem! Hoping for three greens, Rocketeer
  7. Well in that case I'm totally ok with it! But I do hope this option may be offered by Aerosoft in the future! Oh yeah, thanks for the info. I've learnt something new again...
  8. Hello Aerosoft and fellow Simmers, I have been a happily using the Airbus X for several months now and haven't had any nasty issues with it, except for the obvious ones known to us already. Now as a great fan of aviation, it occurred to me that some systems haven't been modeled at all or have been modeled wrongly. I'm concentrating on the issue with the lights and sounds in this topic. 1. The Airbus obviously is equipped with winglights, but they haven't been modeled on the airbus X! Same goes for the Dome light! 2. Some sounds are wrong, and the only one I can think of right now is the Passenger Signs and the last few gpws callouts such as 10 or 5. I would greatly appreciate it if some one came up with a fix for this or Aerosoft would include these features in the updated Airbus X?! Wish you three greens, Rocketeer
  9. Well since we're talking about preferences and options, I'd like to add mine! 1. I'd like to be able to see the winglights on and working. 2. Full MCDU functions with decent Vapp speeds! 3. An updated Take-Off sheet configurator. 4. BETTER FPS! 5. Correct Sounds! (e.g. Passenger Signs, Gear up chime) and finally I just want the usual flaws to be fixed! Hope my inputs will be taken into consieration!
  10. Very, very cool! I hope to see the screenies soon and download it! Good luck on your exams!
  11. First of all, does anybody know why there are no wing lights included? Is this an error or has it just been not included? I do hope Aerosoft moves away from the "Microsoft Corporation Airbus" in FSX! Secondly, why is the Vapp speed not able to be changed per MCDU? I very well understand that this is an Airbus in which systems are simplyfied, but I think that performing a manual approach with a 7-10 degree pitch up attitude means that the aircraft is just too SLOW on final. I really hope Aerosoft can fix this as well as the issue mentioned above! Keep the AIRBUS X alive! Competition is on it's way! Besides this and other mentioned issues I will stay faithful to the Airbus X!
  12. Hey fellow simmers and painters, I noticed that Hello has got a new aircraft in their fleet. An A320! I assume you're already aware of what is to be requested, but I'll ask anyways! Does anybody feel like and have the time to make the Hello livery for me and others? Thx in advance, Rocketeer
  13. Happy Birthday and all the best Mathijs!
  14. Well so far I'm kinda pleased with the Airbus X! Yes, I love the A320 and how it has been modelled by Aerosoft and YES it consummes way to many frames in comparison with other A/c! (e.g. QWsim 757) Before making an advanced version I'd like to see the present A320's flaws wiped out. (5 more fps would be wonderful) P.S.: It's been said that Aerosoft is performing a "C-Check" on its Airbus X.
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