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  1. I just moved from an ASUS Curved 34' Gsync 3440x1440 monitor to a LG 43 UHD TV and the difference in immersion is amazing.... The main issue I felt with the former monitor was the lack of height... With this TV and the 4K, you have to hold yourself from pressing buttons on the screen as you really get the feeling that the real size cockpit is in front of you.. Of course, there may be a slight difference in term of input lag but I manage to get a right setup. Using the Adaptive Vsync in the Nvidia control panel is the way to go and activate TrueMotion in the TV (not the Game mode which is mostly for consoles. Considering that you can now get these type of TV for a few hundreds Euros/Dollars, I HIGHLY recommend it. You'll feel like in a real cockpit ! Greg
  2. Hello, After installing Madeira Evolution, I noticed some issues in the terrain blending around the airport. I am using FTX Global and Europe LC but the LC orbx files are way below Madeira in my library. Only Orbx Oceania files are above the Madeira scenery in the P3D sceneries... Does anyone know what i did wrong ? thank you Greg
  3. Pao13

    New "secret" aerosoft product

    are repaints available for download ?
  4. Are you guys going to optimize the fps because Chicago is way too hungry (even on my 2700K - GTX580...? thank you
  5. Pao13


    How come Aerosoft is already running short of XP10 copies ? it's out for 2 weeks already and won't be available untill mid-February.... what a launch... Beside that, I have the feeling that after the huge excitement over the XP10 launch, everything sounds very quiet and people figured out that a world filled of grass is maybe not as nice as FSX..
  6. Hello, Having a new PC I have started to reinstall my add-ons. Now, trying to activate the Aerosoft Corfu X via the Launcher, it sayy that it has reached the activation limit.... What can I do to reset it ? thank you Greg
  7. Hi, just wanted to share with you a small utility that I've found. It allow to change the backlight colors in the VC of PMDG 737 NGX.... I have changed the backlight colors to BLUE and it looks really really nice.. cheers, Greg
  8. we agree then... it's like hey, you need a green card to get this version ;-)
  9. Great !... but I still don't understand why you call it US Community Edition.. most customers for this edition (shipped from Europe) should be European and the only added value compare to the LR one is European Airports.. EURO edition would have been more appropriate... just my 2 cents (err. my 2 euros I mean).
  10. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    ....i actually hope that if thry translate hir Airbus X, they'll make it compatible for XPlane 9.70 too ( like Jollon CRJ)... Commercially that make more sense....
  11. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    It is true that the initial feeling with default settings is that flight dynamics are wierd.... Now, if you start plying a bit with the joystick sensitivity sliders, you'll get a much more stable aircraft (like in FSX).... Beside that, i felt in love with Xplane 9.70.... Runs very fast on a medium computer and the immersion (weather, sounds...) is much ahead of what i find in FSX imho.....
  12. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    Stupid.... like the way I crashed my machine with their software (all this cloud, virtuali kind of protections...I don't know what....) I have replaced their Zurich scenery by the Aerosoft one.... much better and much simpler.... I don"t like Fsdreamteam.
  13. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    Mathijs, are you planning to propose an alternate copy protection vs. "you have to insert DVD 1 all the time" ?
  14. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    If all the announcement could be made with such a beautiful smile ... (nothing against you Mathijs ! )
  15. Pao13

    X-Plane 10 preview

    ah no that's boring... I have having to put a CD in the drive and use it for nothing .... it seems from another age.. Can we make a backup copy of the DVD so I won't have to change from one drive to another ? ... or maybe Aerosoft will implement another copy protection (much better solution)...