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  1. Be amongst the first to click tomorrow as there are rumors number of CRJ downloads are extremely limited due to the current electronic components shortage... #theguywhojustdoesnotgetit 😂
  2. Thanks Mathijs for this sharp update. This is really nice of you to share such details and make us feel part of the journey... so many other devs stick to the "it's ready when it's ready" (as you mentionned it) and it really makes me feel like being a Deutsche Bahn or SNCF user instead of a real customer who has questions on his future purchase and appreciate answers whenever it is possible of course... Thumb up for that. Now, coming back to the CRJ, I am eagerly waiting for this aircraft as I haven't touch MSFS for weeks because of the lack of proper jetliner... the default aircraft just do not feel realistic and flying is more like dancing rock n'roll with the aircraft at the moment.... Really hope that the CRJ (and I have no doubt about it) will bring a nice and realistic flying (AP but also hand flying) experience of a realy jet. Thank you again ! Greg
  3. Hello Mathijs, As many new PC build do not have any CD-ROM, are you planning on offering a USB version of MSFS ? (even if I understand the price would be higher due to the price of the hardware)... Thanks, Greg
  4. But did not have any issues in P3D v4.5...
  5. Thank you. It actually works but I have floating houses in the air..... maybe Orbx HD Buildings ?
  6. Good Morning, Madeira is one of the most challenging airport and is there a chance we will see an update for P3D v5 ? Thank you
  7. Nice to have the A330 released and good job guys. One thing though : the external view with non transparent cabin windows makes me feel we are back 10 years ago with a Wilco aircraft... wierd from Aerosoft.
  8. Talking about SDK, is there a difference between developping a stock aircraft such as the A321NEO seen in the video (and I am absolutely not saying you did it or want to know if you did) and creating aircrafts as add-ons ? Thanks
  9. The A330 with this sim and you'll make $ like you never did before 😉
  10. are repaints available for download ?
  11. Are you guys going to optimize the fps because Chicago is way too hungry (even on my 2700K - GTX580...? thank you
  12. How come Aerosoft is already running short of XP10 copies ? it's out for 2 weeks already and won't be available untill mid-February.... what a launch... Beside that, I have the feeling that after the huge excitement over the XP10 launch, everything sounds very quiet and people figured out that a world filled of grass is maybe not as nice as FSX..
  13. Hello, Having a new PC I have started to reinstall my add-ons. Now, trying to activate the Aerosoft Corfu X via the Launcher, it sayy that it has reached the activation limit.... What can I do to reset it ? thank you Greg
  14. Hi, just wanted to share with you a small utility that I've found. It allow to change the backlight colors in the VC of PMDG 737 NGX.... I have changed the backlight colors to BLUE and it looks really really nice.. http://dl.avsim.su/dl/ticket/ZmlkPTQyMTU1JnVpZD0wJmlwPTQxLjI1MC4xMjkuMTIzJmhsPQ/id/43b754b9bf42edb451f297ac570c1e624eef17d4/84/42155-CockpitColors-for-PMDG-737-NGX.zip cheers, Greg
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