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ENVA Elavation issue


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was fighting with ENVA also in this topic :



I won't tell you what happened but had to install P3Dv4 ENVA version and bypass P3Dv5 ENVA version - I can't explain it why but when I applied P3Dv4 version to P3Dv5 version all started to work in P3Dv5... 


This was the biggest miracle in the whole P3D scenery "career" I ever had.

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  • 5 weeks later...
vor 16 Stunden , data63 sagte:

may an altitude correction file in ORX-Vector or in the /scenery/world/scenery DIR?

hi juergen,


i found a ENVA bgl in the scenery/world/scenery with no effect. 😕


New new version of ORBX Vector has no option with an altitude correction, i think. Found no altitude correction menue like in the old V4.5 Vector version. 


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