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  1. Morning, sorry for the bother. I update the airacs once i get the email saying the updated ones are available. I tried 1909 and 1910 and when i load up the 787 it tells me the airac is outdated. What is the path for the airacs and how can i do it manually if needed? Thank you.
  2. Evening, i opened my Aerosoft updater and all the aircraft are in blue with no updates showing. Normally they are red when an update is required. Thanks.
  3. I opened the Aerosoft update and saw that all aircraft are blue, not updates needed. Is this one vital or just if people want to join in the connected FD. Thanks.
  4. I placed it outside of P3Dv4 and it's looking good. Did a flight EDDS/LOWW no issues. Used to have it the way Hypo had it also and had no issues with but eh gatta change with the software thanks gents.
  5. I installed i D:lm/p3dv4. Av off, as administrator. Is there something i should have done?
  6. The flaps still show being down at cruise and the flap lever is all the way up. Also i have the indication on the ECAM.
  7. Well did a EWG flight from LGAV to LOWW, climbed up to FL360 and didnt lose airspeed, was stable. I'll run a few more flights to test it out.
  8. So i got and i have unchecked the experimental. Ill try it out today and report.
  9. I just downloaded the latest version from the AS store before leaving for work today. Did a fresh reinstall/shutdown so I'll see tomorrow if there are any issues.
  10. Morning, i am having the same issue after a full reinstall, shutdown, AV off. I climbed up to CL and then speed started decreasing. I'm sure it's nothing overly crazy that can't be fixed. When i update the buses, should i exclude the experimental updates and just stick with the regular? Thanks for the great products.
  11. Did a reinstall and a restart and got it back up. Thank you Mathijs.
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