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  1. I placed it outside of P3Dv4 and it's looking good. Did a flight EDDS/LOWW no issues. Used to have it the way Hypo had it also and had no issues with but eh gatta change with the software thanks gents.
  2. I installed i D:lm/p3dv4. Av off, as administrator. Is there something i should have done?
  3. The flaps still show being down at cruise and the flap lever is all the way up. Also i have the indication on the ECAM.
  4. Well did a EWG flight from LGAV to LOWW, climbed up to FL360 and didnt lose airspeed, was stable. I'll run a few more flights to test it out.
  5. So i got and i have unchecked the experimental. Ill try it out today and report.
  6. I just downloaded the latest version from the AS store before leaving for work today. Did a fresh reinstall/shutdown so I'll see tomorrow if there are any issues.
  7. Morning, i am having the same issue after a full reinstall, shutdown, AV off. I climbed up to CL and then speed started decreasing. I'm sure it's nothing overly crazy that can't be fixed. When i update the buses, should i exclude the experimental updates and just stick with the regular? Thanks for the great products.
  8. Did a reinstall and a restart and got it back up. Thank you Mathijs.
  9. I'll try a reinstall tomorrow, any recommendations for installation to get the best results? This is the first time I've had this issue before, I'm sure it's an easy fix.
  10. Hi, I was able to solve the updater issue but I was going to do a flight with an A321 but there weren't any airbuses in the aircraft selection, only the CRJ's. The aircraft plus Hamburg scenery show in my updater but not P3D.
  11. I removed Hamburg,A319-321 and the CRJ and reinstalled, restarted and the are back in the updater now. Thank you Tom and fellow AS members for your help.
  12. Still nothing. I have clicked and unclicked the box. Started it as Admin, nothing.
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