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  1. New 1.01 version came out, but it seem ortho4xp patch file is missing ... Just saying, because got it from version 1.00
  2. I'm just patching LEMD for Ortho, just one question. Do I have to remove (or disable) Aerosoft LEMD Mesh folder?
  3. Bugs which found so far ... 1/ If I place PASS SIGNS (both seat blts + no smkg) to auto - I'm not able to move it those switches again 2/ WSHLD switches are DEAD for me and on EICAS I got all the time R WSHLD HEAT, L WSHLD HEAT, R WINDOW HEAT, L WINDOW HEAT 3/ I have no idea why the plane is moving all the time in overspeed despite all is defined properly in VNAV (290/.74) it's moving to over .80 causing overspeed on CLIMB throttle 4/ APU bug described here : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/crj-700-apu-start-apu-door-impossible-to-start-apu-after-click-open-fuel/379597 5/ VATSIM : TCAS move from STBY to TARA doesn't change MODE "C" on vPilot But that's version.
  4. F1le

    APU start

    How to open the APU door? It's APU DOOR and "----" I got no idea. Doing everything from the manual. Got it... It's a BUG described it here. When you click on EFB "Cold and Dark" (not default one). APU isn't working. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/crj-700-apu-start-apu-door-impossible-to-start-apu-after-click-open-fuel/379597
  5. F1le

    APU start

    Damn it ... "APU remains off until fire test is completed".... So many years flying and doing it automatically ...
  6. F1le

    APU start

    OK, anybody has same problem? I just can't start APU. APU door isn't opening when I hit "PWR FUEL" ?
  7. I was fighting with ENVA also in this topic : I won't tell you what happened but had to install P3Dv4 ENVA version and bypass P3Dv5 ENVA version - I can't explain it why but when I applied P3Dv4 version to P3Dv5 version all started to work in P3Dv5... This was the biggest miracle in the whole P3D scenery "career" I ever had.
  8. Yes using EA Weather Option and you confirmed what I was expecting that it is LM failure
  9. Ok, so today was trying to land on SimWings EDDM in a fog with zero visibility and look how in P3Dv5.1HF1 it looked like. Question. Is it EDDM problem of P3D problem?
  10. Maybe I mixed something, cleared SODE, reinstalled using P3Dv4 full 1.6.0 version on P3Dv5 and all problems gone.
  11. Full reinstalled P3Dv4 1.6.0 version ... with no red "X"es and all works fine. Maybe again I should put P3Dv5 again, but I'm exhausted. Will keep this version for P3Dv4 hope it's not any issue ...
  12. This is P3Dv4 version (copied to P3Dv5 from my old P3Dv4 - did backup of all sceneries in case of troubles) ... also SODE removed, push configuration and applied settings and red "X" are here but scenery works fine.
  13. Turning On/Off FTX Norway doesn't make any changes anyway... but if I copy P3Dv4 old version and deactivate this one P3Dv5 ... Yeah this one will work OK... Strange.
  14. Will be large one, but I can say that ENVA is on the beginning of the scene library (#9) and ORBX is way way way below it : Could you tell me if and what files in FTX Norway should be turned off? I restored FTX Norway in ORBX tool, don't seeing any files "off" in its folders, applied setting on ENVA confirming I have FTX Norway and still not seeing it's "offing" any files from FTX Norway.
  15. Don't have P3Dv4 anymore it's uninstalled only P3Dv5 left but true SODE folder left. ENVA is only P3Dv5 and updated to 1060. As @masterhawk told I removed all XML files from C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml containing ENVA reaplied settings via configurator and red "X" vanished but elevation problems still exists. Think it's more related to FTX Norway elevation problem?
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