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Just got the plane..... I have this in work.......   I'll try to showcase the wonderful PBR effects Stefan put into this plane....its simply stunning when the sun hits it just rig

Work in process            

Considered...approved....now in process  

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4 hours ago, Captainboon said:

 Skyteam livery plz


Please DO NOT post photos for which you do not own the copyright.  Breaking the copyright by posting photos you don't own enjoins our company in breaking the copyright. 


Given how serious an issue this is, we have now started giving people formal warnings for doing this which is the only way we can track repeat offenders. Too many formal warning will lead to a ban, so please take this as serious as we do.


Instead of posting a other people's copyrighted photos,  you can instead just paste a link to the website where the photo exists and the photo will still show in the forum.


Thanks for understanding my friend.


Best wishes.



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afternoon. i downloaded the v1000 livery installer.  when i drop and drag or browse to a repaint it errors. it sees the manual input paints. Hans said the repaint must have a new text file.  my question is , is it a custom file for a specific repaint or a generic file that could be inserted into the texture folder with the re painters permission. warm regards, steve

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11 minutes ago, mousemansteven said:

v1000 livery installer


Ah, isn't that for the CRJ?  Are you asking about the CRJ?  I'm asking because this is a A330 topic my friend - and if you're asking about the CRJ then no harm/no foul, I've mis-posted in our forums here myself a few times (few more times... LOL), so I understand.  Just let us know and I or one of the mods here will move your post.  Hans will be happy, he doesn't get enough feedback on his livery manager.


Best wishes.


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On 12/11/2019 at 3:54 PM, moyung said:

Cathay Pacific B-LAD "Progress Hong Kong"



Cathay Pacific B-HLU "Oneworld special colours"



Dragonair B-HWG "20th Anniversary special colours"



Dragonair B-HYF "25th Anniversary special colours"



Cathay Dragon B-HYB "The Spirit of Hong Kong"


Ok I have made B-LAD before, and now I'm also working on B-HWG (progress will be very slow due to alot of complicated graphics though)

Here is some shots of the WIP livery (only finished about 15% and missing the fishes in the front)



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VR-HYD (Cathay Pacific's Special Livery for celebrating it's 50th Anniversary)

This livery is quite strange though, cuz it's the only A330 that doesn't have a proper Cathay Brush-wing livery, and it got transferred to Dragon Air a few years later after it enters service with Cathay in the mid 90s.

Hold up guys, I'm still tuning a bit the tail logo and should be ready for release in a few days.


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