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  1. Hi, i determined that EDDB_AFX-OP01-BER.bgl should be the right AFCAD for the airport. However, when trying to customise it via ADE, the software tells me "Failed to decompile the Bgl". I am using the newest version of ADE and all the paths are correctly aligned with the P3DV4 SDK. Any recommendations? Yannes
  2. Hallo, ich möchte die AFCAD verändern. Der Airport-Design-Editor sagt mir jedoch bei EDDB_AFX-OP01-BER.bgl folgendes: "Failed to decompile the Bgl". WIe komme ich an die AFACD ran? Yannes
  3. As FSLABS and CaptainSim are already allowing the user to customise the amount of PAX which can be accomodated, it would be very nice to have this option in the A330. It makes a huge difference in terms of realism if you fly a DLH or SWR A333 for example. I just wanna know if that is possible.
  4. Hey guys, I am in need of experience here. I want to fly the BlackBox Simulations A330 with the Thrustmaster Airbus Quadrant. When trying to calibrate via FSUIPC, the thrust lever of the A330 won't move from TOGA to idle. It gets stuck somewhere at more or less 30 percent and every thrust setting below that is useless... I need help!
  5. Great! The new files work ! Thank you for the help Oliver. Topic may be closed
  6. So which line do I have to change in AJS_EDDB_SODE.xml to fix it? Is it the "AfcadGateName" or is it the "CustomDesignator" ?
  7. No, this is the first action I take...
  8. It's Prepar3D 4.5 ( and it doesn't work with any aircraft ( AS, PMDG, Captain Sim etc.). No SODE jetway movement at the Parkings - the jetway gates of BER are working fine, but those old SXF jetways won't move!
  9. Hi, when doing a flight with a length approx. over an hour, the reverse thrust will not deploy. I have to deploy it manually via F2. Any help on this? Sucks after a long-haul A330 flight...
  10. Hi, when selecting Parking spots, like Parking 55 for example, the SODE download file does not work properly. The jetway won't be able to connect - it just doesn't move!
  11. I got it! FSUIPC used the same joystick assignments for my Saitek Throttle and for the Thrustmaster Throttle. IGN/START had the function of the "reverse button" on engine 1 on the Saitek quadrant. Topic can be closed, but thank for the support, altough you could not be able to solve that!
  12. I just tried out something. I set the button assignments on the quadrant to reset, but with only the axis assigned, the lever still gets into full reverse.
  13. Hi, Any news to this topic?
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