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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Yes, but you decided to buy at simmarket and not directly from Aerosoft and therefore you have a contract with them and not Aerosoft and it is not Aerosofts obligation to fullfill this contract. So simply wait until they make it available, which doesnt take too long. ;)

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Guest Jo va Bra

Hi All,

Performed a test flight with version 1.01.
I'm sorry but still no correct glide slope capure. Jittering of the aileron in and outside and sometimes the control wheel is in a fixed l/h roll postion but the aircraft itself is in  wings level.
Hiding the yoke is for me no more available. When you hit the placard i've got only a nerveus moving of the yoke.

Checked with Prepar3dV4


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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