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  1. Hello, After installing latest version (1,0.2.0) in FSX SE, the pilot PFD and MFD are black. Co-pilot side is ok. Thanks Real
  2. Thanks for replying Tom. Maybe i've mist something in the manual. To be honest, i wasn't sure at 100% that we couldn't. Thanks again.
  3. I think that you only can fly on line. FSX ATC won't manage the flight plan. I'd like somebody could confirm it but as you can see, my topic was viewed by 170 persons and nobody has answered so far.
  4. Sorry that's PFPX not PFDX but after reading the manual i have my answer. Disregard.
  5. Can we load PFDX flightplan in FSX i mean FSX ATC will control it?
  6. Thanks for replying guys. I use FSX flightplan, that's why for sure. I think i need to use more real routes. Thanks again. Real
  7. Hi, FMS I'm unable to enter the first waypoint. (not in database) My flightplan is from Montreal (CYUL) to Halifax (CYHZ). Here is the flightplan CYUL PLB COVAN RANGY BGR BGR81 CETTY and then CYHZ PLB is not in the database and BGR81 and CETTY are not found. Thanks Real
  8. Sorry, i've just downloaded it again but through the EU miror and it works. I think there is something wrong with the USA miror.
  9. Thanks for replying but unfortunately, i'm unable to unzip the latest files (
  10. Mathijs, this is the third time i download version 1,0.0.4 and when i try to unzip it, here is the message i have " Le repertoire central et local ne correspondent pas au fichier "AS_CRJ700-900-X_FSX)P3D_FSXSTEAM_v100.exe (crc-32-local:EOBCC6A hex central A498461 hex)." I need you help. Thanks. Real
  11. So if i drop the hotfix in the appropriate folder, i'll have the latest state (i presently have 1,0.0.2 version installed). Thanks
  12. I'm also confused a bit. First i've missed version 1,0.0.3. I have version 1,0.0.2 installed. I've downloaded version 1,0.0.4 but i'm unable to unzip it. Are those versions all cumulative and can i install the latest files (1,0.0.4) on top of 1,0.0.2 or i need version 1,0.0.3 and if i need 1,0.0.3 how i can get it? Thanks Regards
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