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  1. I'm not in front of the TWOtter cockpit main panel but by memory i think it's located on the pilot side main panel somewhere above the altimeter or vertical speed indicator. There are three square buttons and that's this one to the right. You just depress it before takeoff. Real
  2. Thank you very much. That's i was looking for. How to pop up displays.
  3. Sorry for my bad english. On the P3D version if i click on the PFD or MFD i can have a 2D PFD or MFD (bigger). But not with this version. I saw in a tutorial video that you can do it but mine doesn't work. Have a look at page 1-1-27 of the AOM and you can see that there is more options than i have in my EFB. I hope is clearer. Many thanks Real Deraps
  4. Hi, Why some options are missing in the options menu . PFD/MFD Display rendering and Show VD displays while 2D are visible. I try to click on these displays but displays don't pop up. Many thanks Real Deraps
  5. Nobody talks about an A220. This aircraft is becoming very popular in real life.
  6. Ok. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi, Is there a step by step guide for the A330?. Thanks Real Deraps
  8. Hi, I bought the A330 yesterday (october 30th) and i wonder if i have the latest version ( According to the installer i have it's version Thanks Regards Real Deraps
  9. Hi, The livery manager doesn't work anymore. I've installed repaints few weeks ago and it worked. But for an unknown reason, i'm unable to install new repaints. I run it as administrator. Also i can't see the airbus 320/321 folders in the P3D object (airplanes) folders. Any idea? Thank you Real
  10. Hi, I've just bought CRJ pro version and i have no manager. Is there a manager and if yes where it is?. Many thanks Real
  11. Thanks for your help. I'll see later on if it works. Thanks again.
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